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  • Rake In Greater Capacity And Higher Hay Quality

    Rake In Greater Capacity And Higher Hay Quality

    It’s been said that the steel-toothed dump rake was first introduced in the 1860s. Of course, the process back then was to rake hay into piles, which were then pitched onto a wagon for transport to a haystack or the barn loft. To make windrows for the balers that came later, the operator simply spaced the “dumps” equally so they lined up in the field.The irony is that until they ...


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  • Pull Type Hay Rake

    Pull Type Hay Rake

    Inline rakes with 3 ground wheels, 4 wheels on the RT13 H-Flex model. Working width can be adjusted hydraulically on the RT13 H-Flex model, with a selector on the RT 7-9. Hydraulic lift for raking wheels. Passage from raking to transport position directly from the tractor’s seat. Raking wheel Ø 140 cm., n° 40 teeth Ø 6.9 mm. with central flange 3,5 mm. thickness.