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  • Accumulated Bales Fork
    Showcase Product

    Accumulated Bales Fork

    By Hoelscher Inc.

    Accumulated bales are quickly picked up with one of these forks mounted to your loader. These models are also ideal for all-around loading and stacking. Bales can be loaded on your own hay trailers, trucks, or ...

  • Bale Grapples
    Showcase Product

    Bale Grapples

    By Haukaas Manufacturing Ltd.

    Maximize space in hay yard, Deer can not climb on top, Net-Wrap does not freeze to ground, Less waste than pyramid stacking, Make mushroom stack 2 bales at a time, Stack 4 bales high in hay shelter, Does not damage ...

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  • Tenpack Pty. Ltd

    Tenpack Pty. Ltd

    Tenpack P/L is 100% Australian owned and operated. With its range of world-renowned, specialised hay making, handling, and hay processing equipment ...

  • Ag Krane, Inc.

    Ag Krane, Inc.

    Ag Krane, in 1967, Charles Schlabs designed an implement to pull behind a moldboard plow to break up the clods on his 1000 acre farm in west Texas. ...

  • Westendorf Manufacturing Co., Inc.

    Westendorf Manufacturing Co., Inc.

    Since 1934 farmers have chosen Westendorf as their reliable, American made, loader choice. Why? -- We have compact tractor loaders, general farm use ...

  • Hay Caps

    Hay Caps

    With over 25 years of experience in the hay industry we searched worldwide, thinking there must be a better way than hay tarps for storing extra hay. ...

  • FarmTek - a Division of Engineering Services & Products Company (ESAPCO)

    FarmTek - a Division of Engineering Services & Products Company (ESAPCO)

    A Division of Engineering Services & Products Company, FarmTek was founded in 1979 with the purpose of bringing the highest quality products at the ...