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  • Agriculture & Livestock Buildings
    Showcase Product

    Agriculture & Livestock Buildings

    By Legacy Building Solutions, Inc.

    Break out of the hoop – we have combined fabric covers with time-tested rigid steel frames to create buildings perfect for cattle or agricultural usage. The unique shape and design flexibility allow for ...

  • Bale Grapples
    Showcase Product

    Bale Grapples

    By Haukaas Manufacturing Ltd.

    Maximize space in hay yard, Deer can not climb on top, Net-Wrap does not freeze to ground, Less waste than pyramid stacking, Make mushroom stack 2 bales at a time, Stack 4 bales high in hay shelter, Does not damage ...

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  • Tenpack Pty. Ltd

    Tenpack Pty. Ltd

    Tenpack P/L is 100% Australian owned and operated. With its range of world-renowned, specialised hay making, handling, and hay processing equipment ...

  • Westendorf Manufacturing Co., Inc.

    Westendorf Manufacturing Co., Inc.

    Since 1934 farmers have chosen Westendorf as their reliable, American made, loader choice. Why? -- We have compact tractor loaders, general farm use ...

  • Hay Caps

    Hay Caps

    With over 25 years of experience in the hay industry we searched worldwide, thinking there must be a better way than hay tarps for storing extra hay. ...

  • FarmTek - a Division of Engineering Services & Products Company (ESAPCO)

    FarmTek - a Division of Engineering Services & Products Company (ESAPCO)

    A Division of Engineering Services & Products Company, FarmTek was founded in 1979 with the purpose of bringing the highest quality products at the ...

  • Hawkeye Steel Products, Inc.

    Hawkeye Steel Products, Inc.

    Hawkeye Steel Products, Inc manufactures equipment and systems for animal agricultural markets and fabric buildings for a wide range of agricultural, ...