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  • Notes on mixing foliar fertilizer and pesticide in organic fertilizer machine factory

    As an efficient foliar spray fertilizer, foliar fertilizer accounts for a large proportion in the field of top dressing. How to mix foliar fertilizer and pesticide in the actual use process? What are the precautions in the mixing process? Next, Zhengzhou Tianci organic fertilizer machine factory will introduce you 1. Make sure that there is no c

  • Mosquito Egg Weak Spots

    Malaria. Yellow Fever. Zika. Dengue. West Nile virus. These are some of the diseases, carried by mosquitos, that infect millions of people worldwide every year. According to the World Health ...


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  • Transonic Bugchaser

    Transonic Bugchaser

    Simple, Effective Bug Control. Keep bugs out of your home without chemicals or traps.