Legume Farming

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  • Long term lessons from liming soil - Case Study

    Long term trials have shown continuous cropping under a cereal legume rotation with district practice application of fertiliser N and retention of stubble caused a decrease in soil pH of up to 1.6 units over 14 years. Reduced N inputs can lessen this impact (as can stubble removal) but also decreases yield. At Wagga, the application of lime in combination with phosphorous (P) increased grain ...


  • The Role of LEDS in Speed Breeding

    Some of the most important crops for feeding the ever-increasing global population include wheat and barley. In order to meet the future demand, scientists have a task of finding ways to improve efficiencies in breeding these and other, similar ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Pongamia Biodiesel Business Plan 20 ha

    Pongamia Biodiesel Business Plan 20 ha

    PONGAMIA BIODIESEL BUSINESS PLAN 20 haPongamia Pinnata trees must be regarded as a sure source of 2nd Generation Biodiesel and the foundation around which a profitable Business plan can be built for its ability to provide large amount of oil and its pure hardiness and stress handling ability. The Pongamia Pinnata is tree that has enough credentials: a higher recovery and quality of oil than other ...