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NPK Fertilizer equipment for Crop Cultivation

  • Bioilsa - Model 777 Export - Ecological Fertilizer

    Ecological fertilizer NPK 7.7.7 + 5 S. BIOILSA 777 EXPORT is a pelleted organic – mineral fertilizer, able to provide complete nutrition to crops. It contains potassium sulphate with absence of chlorine and the presence of sulphur.

    By Bio-Industrija based in Klaipėda, LITHUANIA.

  • Basatop - Model Sport 21-5-10(+3) - Complex Fertilizer

    Controlled release NPK complex fertilizer with emphasis on nitrogen, partly coated. For sport fields, golf fairways, ornamental lawn and turf establishment. Suitable for spring and summer application, to promote growth and a quick green up.

    By COMPO Expert GmbH based in Münster, GERMANY.

  • Pleione

    The young Pleione shoots develop in March/April and flower in the spring. After flowering, the plant continues to develop its foliage and to mature its bulbs. Come the autumn, Pleiones go into their winter dormancy, and the leaves yellow, fade and disappear. Over the years, the bulbs divide to form increasingly large masses.

    By Phytesia SA based in Scry (Tinlot), BELGIUM.

  • Keyterra - Round-Granular NPK fertilizer

    Concentrated, highly effective granular triple NPK fertilizers with the optimum ratio of nutrients. In this fertilizer the basic nutrients are contained in a form which is easily acceta ble by plants. The nitrogen here is in the form of the nitrate and ammoniacal form, more than of phosphorus is in the water soluble form and potassium is in the ...

    By Unikeyterra Chemical Fertilizer Company based in Izmir, TURKEY.

  • azeus fertilizer machinery - 100,000 Tons/year NPK Compound Fertilizer Production Line

    100,000 tons NPK fertilizer plant can produce high and low concentration compound fertilizers. With use of rotary drum granulator, the whole line can achieve even large fertilizer output according to customers’ formula and requirements.This NPK compound fertilizer production line meets the need of most customers, being a large capacity production ...

    By Azeus Fertilizer Machinery Co.,Ltd. based in Zhengzhou, CHINA.

  • Sumagrow

    Why SumaGrow®? Because good stewardship is not just about the responsible planning and management of Earth’s limited resources for the Earth’s sake. It’s about us. It’s about our friends and family and people around the world we don’t know. It’s about meeting our basic needs to eat nutritious foods, drink ...

    By Bio Soil Enhancers, Inc. based in Hattiesburg, MISSOURI (USA).

  • Di-Ammonium Phosphate DAP Fertilizers

    It is the result of phosphoric acid transformation: DAP (most commonly used binary fertilizer), TSP (full phosphate fertilizer), MAP (binary fertilizer consisting of two fertilizing agents: phosphorus and nitrogen) and NPK (ternary fertilizer made of three elements: phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium). OCP also introduced a new range of phosphate ...

    By OCP S.A. based in Hay Erraha, MOROCCO.

  • Aikan - Compost Plant

    In-vessel composting with negative pressure is fully integrated in an Aikan plant. The compost sanitizes in fully enclosed process modules as a temperature of at least 70 degrees Celcius (158 F) for more than 1 hour is obtained the entire mass. The exhaust air is treated in biofilters, which are also fully integrated in the facility. The compost ...

    By Aikan A/S based in Hedehusene, DENMARK.

  • AZIMUT - Model NPK 15.5.5 - Organic Mineral Fertilizer

    AZIMUT is an organic-mineral fertilizer NPK 15.5.5 with high level of gradual release nitrogen and total organic carbon (C = 25%). AZIMUT combines the advantages of an organic fertilizer with those of the chemical ones into a unique formulation. An exclusive organic matter with high organic nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium titles reacts with ...

    By Italpollina SpA based in Rivoli Veronese (VR), ITALY. from Organics and Organic Minerals Product line

  • Zeolite - Mycorrhizal Product

    Zeolite as a registered soil additive is in the list of materials permitted for use in ecological agricultural production. Soil conditioner Zeolite is product based on natural material zeolite with excellent ion-exchange properties and ability of reversible hydration and dehydration and due to its internal structure (a system of tubes and canals).

    By Symbiom, s.r.o. based in Lanškroun, CZECH REPUBLIC. from Professional Products Product line

  • Haifa Poly-Feed™ - Model pHast - Water Soluble Fertilizers

    Soluble NPK Fertilizers with low pH; Poly-Feed™ pHast is a line of water-soluble NPK fertilizers with low pH, designed to eliminate the need for acids in the nutrient solution. Nutrigation™ with Poly-Feed™ pHast products provide complete plant nutrition throughout all growth stages. Each formula contains carefully balanced ...

    By Haifa Group based in Matam-Haifa, ISRAEL. from Plant Nutrition Product line

  • Ecoyerba - Model 1250ml - Bloom Fertilizer

    BATLLE Bloom Fertilizer is a nutritive complex of high assimilation based on Vitamin B1, natural extract of seaweed and 100% organic guano designed to promote rapid and abundant floral induction, as it stimulates the process of photosynthesis and energy harvesting, getting larger fruits with more flavor and more palatable in a shorter lapse of ...

    By Grupo Batlle S.A based in Molins de Rei, SPAIN. from Gardening Products - Fertilizers- Liquid and Soluble Product line

  • Model Gatit T - Fully Water-Soluble NPK Fertigation Fertilizers

    Tropical zone with high amounts of rainfall are characterized by low levels of chloride, Magnesium (Mg) and Boron (B) in soil solution to adapted to these condition. Gatit T is enriched with Magnesium (Mg), up to 2% and with Boron (B) as well.

    By Gat fertilizers Ltd. based in Afula, ISRAEL. from Gatit Series Product line

  • DCM MIX - Model 2- NPK (Mg) 7-6-12 (4) - Compound Organo-Mineral Fertiliser

    Ideal fertiliser for flowering plants, shrubs, trees, roses, perennials, fruit trees, strawberries, fruiting vegetables, tuberous vegetables and to fertilise lawns in summer and in autumn … contains 4% magnesium (MgO) for deep green leaves. Thanks to its mild action this fertiliser is also extremely suitable for the sensitive roots of young ...

    By De Ceuster Meststoffen NV (DCM) based in Grobbendonk, BELGIUM. from Garden Care Product line

  • Superior - Model SF 30 - All Round Fertiliser

    SF30 is a unique mineral NPK fertiliser combining a complex blend of nutrients from Potassium Sulphate through to granulated Soft Rock Phosphate. This is en-hanced with beneficial biology, including Mycorrhizal fungi and phosphorus solubalisers (such as Bacillus megaterium).SF30 is a versatile fertiliser that ensures continuous  nutrition ...

    By Eco-Growth International Pty Ltd based in Hope Valley, AUSTRALIA. from Orchard Product line

  • Model NPK-1 - Soil Fertility Test Kit

    Soil Fertility test Kit, Model NPK-1: Designed for economical on-site evaluations of soil fertility, the NPK-1 test kit provides a simple, effective way for analysts  to determine nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium content of the soil. The test kit also includes a Pocket Pal(TM) pH Tester for quick pH measurements.

    By Hach Company - a subsidiary of Danaher Corporation based in Loveland, COLORADO (USA). from Test Kits and Portable Systems Product line

  • Actify - Model 13Z - Starter Fertiliser

    Starter fertiliser with NPK & Zinc; also, a foliar source of P for all crops.

    By Agrichem based in Yatala, AUSTRALIA.

  • ENPIKAY - Colloidal Foliar Fertilizer

    The application of ENPIKAY at 6.66L(1.75 Gal) per acre, replaces 100 kg(220lbs) of granular fertilizer, with an uptake efficiency of 97% vs granular fertilizer at only 15-30%ENPIKAY: WHAT IS IT?Ionized phosphorous and potash embedded in a matrix of colloidal amino acids.ENPIKAY is a non-phosphite phosphorous nutrient and potash in ionized forms, ...

    By Terawet Green Technologies, Inc. (TGT) based in San Diego, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Agriculture and Horticulture Product line

  • Fertilizer Production Line - Model - Fertilizer Production Line

    We are fertilizer production line manufacturer in China, We supply organic fertilizer production line, NPK fertilizer production line, Fertilizer Granulating production line, etc. our fertilizer production line sales all over the world. We are engaged in agricultural environmental technology development, reducing waste recycling and fertilizer ...

  • Spring - Hydro Culture Fertilizer

    Spring Hydro culture fertilizer has a well-balanced composition (NPK 3,4 +3,4+6) which guarantees a healthy growth of hydro culture plants.

    By Spring From Holland B.V. based in Sassenheim, NETHERLANDS. from Fertilizer Product line

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