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  • How To Process Garri From Cassava Tubers?

    How To Process Garri From Cassava Tubers?

    How To Process Garri From Cassava Tubers? Garri, which is made by fermenting and roasting cassava root, is one of the staple foods in West African cuisine. Also known as gari, garry, tapioca, garium sulphate, farofa, and poi, this fermented food is available in fine, medium and coarse grain forms, and in white and yellow colors. The texture comes from how the root is ground and sieved, and ...

  • Palm Oil Wastewater

    Palm Oil Wastewater

    Palm oil is not only the highest yielding cheap vegetable oil on the earth but also a safe raw material for edible oils and daily chemicals, and a raw material for biofuel. As a raw material for ...


  • EU labels palm oil in diesel as unsustainable

    The European Commission today decided that palm oil is not a green fuel and should not be promoted because it causes deforestation. The use of palm oil in diesel, which is driven by the EU’s renewable energy targets, will be gradually reduced ...

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  • Business Breakfast: Sustainable Palm Oil

    Business Breakfast: Sustainable Palm Oil

    The Future Economy Network is delighted to announce we will welcome representatives from Bristol Zoological Society, Marks and Spencer, and our subscribers University of the West of England to speak at this event to discuss problems associated with unsustainable production of palm oil & increasing awareness & positivity of sustainable palm oil.07:45 - 08:00 - Registration and coffee08:00 - 08:10 ...