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  • Coated seeds may enable agriculture on marginal lands

    Coated seeds may enable agriculture on marginal lands

    A specialized silk covering could protect seeds from salinity while also providing fertilizer-generating microbesProviding seeds with a protective coating that also supplies essential nutrients to the germinating plant could make it possible to grow crops in otherwise unproductive soils, according to new research at MIT.

  • White Bean Color Sorter

    White Bean Color Sorter

    Model PRO-B3,with capacity 1000-2200 kg/hourWhite bean Color Sorter FunctionLINPRO AI white bean color sorter able to separate the defective white beans according to the color difference ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Food Sorting Machine

    Food Sorting Machine

    The Genius optical belt sorting machine uses a combination of various sorting technologies to meet the high food safety requirements of the food industry and individual food processors.