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  • Header Transports
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    Header Transports

    By Haug Implement Co.

    HT12 Series Header Transports are ideal for large custom harvesters transporting heads on the highway between jobs. Simply connect your pickup to the transport`s 2 5/16-inch ball hitch. And with 7-pole RV plug lights, ...

  • Humi-Till
    Showcase Product


    By Monty’s Plant Food Company

    Humi-Till is a unique blend of specific microbes and activated humics designed to decompose cellulose, lignin, and keratin in crop residue. Humi-Till also breaks down crop residue — significantly reducing your ...

  • Stubble Cultivator
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    Stubble Cultivator


    ARES plowing units are designed for post-harvest soil. Working elements are hoes wing which undercut the crop residues. The coulters are mounted on a 85-centimeter leg of which provides a very high ground clearance ...

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  • Supertech Agroline ApS

    Supertech Agroline ApS

    Supertech Agroline develops, manufactures and sells high quality post-harvest equipment worldwide. The story of Supertech Agroline is a story of ...

  • CITRASHINE (Pty) Ltd.

    CITRASHINE ® includes a range of waxes specially formulated with natural and purified ingredients and emulsifying agents water-soluble for the ...

  • Tumoba B.V.

    Tumoba B.V.

    TUMOBA is a dutch company specialized in solutions for harvesting vegetables. We produce a range of machinery to harvest outdoor grown vegetables ...

  • Beauty Line Ltd

    Beauty Line Ltd

    Beauty Line Ltd. is located 40 km. North East of Lake Naivasha, Kenya.i The farm produces cut flowers in open filed cultivation.i The farm is ...

  • Turflor s.a

    Turflor s.a

    Turflor has been growing and exporting cut flowers over 15 years. our farms are located at the Bogota savannah where we produce top quality ...