Potato Harvesting

Equipment & Solutions

  • PVC Tube
    Showcase Product

    PVC Tube

    By Hessels Zeefbanden

    To protect the product from damaging we can cover the rods with soft star-PVC. This is a soft PVC tube that is profiled on the inside. It is available in many sizes. Because of the fact that this tube can practically ...

  • Single Rows Potato Harvester
    Showcase Product

    Single Rows Potato Harvester

    By Ayyildiz

    The harvester removes the potato out of soil and siaves with the help of the rear sifter. İt  works with high efficiency even if the soil is wet or stony.

  • Potato Diggers
    Showcase Product

    Potato Diggers

    By J.J.Broch, S.L

    Precision, easy to use and hight output. Potatoes digger JJ Broch are ideal for harvesting small and large areas due to their reliability, high performance and low maintenance costs.

Companies & Suppliers



    Ozbil Tarim Makineleri was founded by Bekir Ozdemir in Odemis / Izmir, in 1978. Initially working on repairing our cultural machinery, Bekir Özdemir ...

  • Uniekum Landbou Masjiene (Edms) Bpk

    Uniekum Landbou Masjiene (Edms) Bpk

    Over the last few years, Uniekum Landbou Masjiene, established themselves as the potato and onion handling specialists in South Africa. Whether it is ...

  • Spedo F.LLI S.r.l

    Spedo F.LLI S.r.l

    Since 1952 the company has always produced machines mainly for sowing, ridging and harvesting potatoes. Through the decades the Spedo F.lli company ...

  • AVR bvba

    AVR bvba

    AVR Bvba manufactures and sells potato harvesters and other agricultural machines. The company provides multifunctional cultivators, hook ...

  • Ploeger Machines bv

    Ploeger Machines bv

    Since its founding in 1959, Ploeger has put all its energy into the development and manufacture of self-propelled harvesting machines for harvesting. ...