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  • What’s your potato storage strategy?

    What’s your potato storage strategy?

    With potato harvest nearing completion, the challenge will now be to maintain the condition of the crop, right up until supply to the customer.“It’s really worth stopping to consider that what you put into storage, is reflective of what you get out post-storage,” explains Morley Benson of Certis. “By this, I mean the quality of potatoes going into store, as well as the ...

  • Success Story Hof Trumann, Germany - Case Study

    The family business Hof Trumann has installed a Halo for the sorting of unwashed, brushed potatoes. Since the installation of this equipment there was an increase in efficiency, turnover and quality ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Root Vegetable Harvester

    Root Vegetable Harvester

    Root vegetables harvester ALINA SUPERNOVA is suitable for larger vegetable cultivation areas with high crop. Trailed, top lifting harvester is compatible with tractors having minimum 80 HP and with various kinds of trailers. ALINA SUPERNOVA is ideal for every root vegetables production field. Modern and functional technical solutions guarantee effective picking and high quality of crop. Harvester ...