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  • Using Technology for Complete Farm Management - Case Study

    Using Technology for Complete Farm Management - Case Study

    Challenge This case is about one of the world’s largest producers of potato specialties company based in India. The company leases plots for farming and has 2500+ plots spread across an area of 5200 +acres. Earlier, they used to record farm data manually, thus creating multiple inconsistent entries. A check on practices such as dehaulming & rouging, adoption of right package of prac


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  • Fludioxonil


    Fludioxonil is a synthetic compound of the phenylpyrrole group of substances and is a broad-spectrum fungicide which is non-systemic with a long residual activity. The mode of action of fludioxonil is the inhibition of transport-associated phosphorylation of glucose as well as preventing glycerol synthesis. Being broad spectrum fludioxonil is effective against most major seed diseases, including ...