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  • How to Simplify your Test Plots and Maximize Investments

    Remember the old days of running test plots? Stopping in the field to place marker flags and make the necessary changes. Then returning in the fall to — with any luck — find the flags and weigh each load. Not to mention the deskwork that followed to evaluate the results. And for me, with a full schedule that includes a 3,200-acre operation plus my wife and three kids, it wasn’t ...


  • Main digital technologies in precision farming

    Main digital technologies in precision farming

    We briefly covered some of the different forms of technologies that are used in precision farming.FIELD MONITORINGCrop Health Monitoring (mostly based on NDVI) — NormalizedDifference Vegetation Index (NDVI) is a method that is used to ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Precision Airplanter

    Precision Airplanter

    AMAZONE precision Airplanters have carefully been designed for the demands of contractors and large farms. They are extremely versatile, are highly efficient and reliable with unprecedented accuracy. According to profi-Test operational speeds of 9 km/h are possible without problem. AMAZONE Precision Airplanters are extremely robust and simple and convenient to operate. In addition they are ...