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  • NPK fertilizer production line process

    The compound fertilizer is a ready-made single fertilizer, compound fertilizer or chemical raw material, and the additive is mixed, processed, granulated, and made of fertilizer. The NPK fertilizer production line process is a process in which fertilizer processing equipment is used to mix organic materials such as manure and straw, and calcium, magnesium and phosphate ...

  • What To Consider In Rice Hull Carbonizer

    If you are looking for a way to get charcoal from rice hulls you might need to buy a rice hull carbonizer. This machine turns rice hulls into charcoal fast. You end up getting high-quality charcoal ...


  • Things You Need To Know About Auto Packing Machine

    Things You Need To Know About Auto Packing Machine

    Auto packing machine is a new generation of intelligent packaging scale. Our company Fusmar developded auto packing scale has a high weighing accuracy, large handling capacity, simple structure, low energy consumption, low noise, long ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Corn Silage Baler (Bagging Baler)

    Corn Silage Baler (Bagging Baler)

    The HBA-B120 corn silage baelr, bagging press comes the 63 tons pressing force for the side ram and 53 tons for the rear pressing tam, total pressing froce is 120 tons. the bale size is 700*400*300mm.the bale weight is 30-35kgs. while the bales ejected out into bags directly. we sold this model for some customers who recycling rice husk. and get the good reputation from them.