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  • Flexxifloat Lifter
    Showcase Product

    Flexxifloat Lifter

    By Flexxifinger QD Industries Inc.

    Design - the FlexxiFloat crop lifter is a series of lifters designed specifically for use where ground conditions are uneven. These lifters will follow the fluctuations of the ground. One base rail model of FlexxiFloat ...

  • Corn Harvester
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    Corn Harvester

    By Zhengzhou PMP Huaqing Xin Co., Ltd

    with crushed straw device, can return the straw to field, reclaim the straw, and make the straw in rows. 4 sets peeling device, improve the peeling efficiency. Big shake sieve, it can collect the corn seed. Widen the ...

  • Dryer
    Showcase Product


    By F.lli Zaffrani S.r.l.

    The 190GZ dryer has been designed to dry cereals and oil seed crops in medium/large-sized farms. The machine is easy to handle and move and it is suitable for drying indoors and outdoors.

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  • Remington Seeds

    Remington Seeds

    Remington Seeds is the largest third party seed producer in the world. We provide systems and services that deliver solutions in the production, ...

  • Vermande SA

    Vermande SA

    Established in 1954 by Mr VERMANDE father, SA VERMANDE has been constant since the beginning, working to facilitate the work of the agricultural ...