Seed Sorting

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Success Story Lauber Seed Farms, USA - Case Study

    Lauber Seed Farms is a provider of premium irrigated hybrid seed corn. Located in Geneva, Nebraska, its fertile farm ground sits above the Ogallala Aquifer, one of the world’s largest natural bedrocks which ensures consistent production, regardless of rainfall. In the organization’s quest for continual change and improvement, Lauber Seed Farms has taken a bold step towards innovation ...

  • Sowing the seeds of smarter transport policy

    Did we miss something? Last year, the European Commission didn’t propose a single new legislative measure to clean up transport. To be fair, it has been spending most of its time worrying about ...


  • Sloppy seed-sorting main culprit in GM crop escapes

    Careless handling of seeds may be the key reason for the unintended spread of genetically modified (GM) crops, a study has found.The discovery challenges the widespread belief that the main source of GM contamination is the transfer of pollen by ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Indented Cylinder Separators

    Indented Cylinder Separators

    The PETKUS Indented Cylinder Separators ZK / ZL are used for the sorting and separating of seed, grain, fine and vegetable seeds, corn and similar agricultural, grained and free flowing granular products. The material is separated according to its length. Indented cylinder separators can either be used for separating short grain or long grain, and are available in different sizes and performance ...