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Articles & Whitepapers

  • Limex foam disinfection module developed into foam unit for plant trolleys

    Plant trolleys such as CC-containers, Danish trolleys and Flora auction trolleys are used in the logistics chain by multiple and often unknown users. The trolleys are regularly soiled with plant, sand and substrate residues which can harbour mould, bacteria and viruses such as Fusarium, Xylella and ToBRFV.Upscaling, automation and globalisation increase the susceptibility of nurseries to diseases ...

  • Get Your Planter Right For #plant20

    Although it’s difficult to believe, spring planting will be just around the corner. Now’s the time to start preparing to make the most important pass across the field – planting ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Berry Planters

    Berry Planters

    Fruit planter machine DARIA is designed for an easy and fast planting of berry bushes on fruit farms. It is a universal, one-raw machine adapted to transplant shrubs of blackcurrants, red and yellow currants, gooseberries, chokeberries, haskap berries, saskatoon berries and other similar sized bushes. It can also be used to transplant small fruit trees.

Upcoming Events

  • Forexpo 2020

    Forexpo 2020

    FOREXPO 2020, the forest show of Southern Europe, n the heart of the largest massif of cultivated forest, at the gates of the Pyrenees and the Iberian Peninsula. Every 4 years, 400 European exhibitors, more than 500 international brands present the latest innovations ranging from forestry to logging on a 70 hectare site. Showcase of cultivated forest, all the techniques and know-how, from the ...