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Articles & Whitepapers

  • The Importance of Leaf Area Index (LAI) in Environmental and Crop Research

    The Importance of Leaf Area Index (LAI) in Environmental and Crop Research

    Leaf Area Index (LAI), which is used as a measure in hundreds of studies on forests, crops, climate and the environment, is calculated as half the area of all leaves per unit area of ground. It is measured as the leaf area (m2 ) per ground area (m–2) and is unit-less. So, a plant with a LAI of 2 has an amount of leaves that can cover a given area two times. LAI is calculated for a plant or ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Pneumatic Seed Seeders for Cucumber

    Pneumatic Seed Seeders for Cucumber

    MAX PNEUMATIC with section for cucumber was designed special for seeding cucumber. All parameters of the machine’s work have been adjusted in such a way as to obtain optimal seed ascents and the highest quality yield. The cucumber sowing section is fully adapted to the standard MAX PNEUMATIC seed seeders. It is possible to use the same machine for a different type of cultivation, after ...

Upcoming Events

  • Forexpo 2020

    Forexpo 2020

    FOREXPO 2020, the forest show of Southern Europe, n the heart of the largest massif of cultivated forest, at the gates of the Pyrenees and the Iberian Peninsula. Every 4 years, 400 European exhibitors, more than 500 international brands present the latest innovations ranging from forestry to logging on a 70 hectare site. Showcase of cultivated forest, all the techniques and know-how, from the ...