Articles & Whitepapers

  • Sabre Tine Case Study

    Ben Atkinson, J. E. Atkinson & Son, Lincolnshire`The Tillso Sabre range of subsoiler legs are intelligently designed and highly engineered to create a perfectly structured subsoil without unnecessarily disturbing the surface. Surely a situation we are all trying to achieve. In the past we all too easily destroyed the benefits of subsoiling with subsequent operations trying to produce

  • 5 Essential Farm Implements For Smallholders

    What are your top tools or farm implements that make life as a smallholder that much easier? What’s on your Christmas wish list or gets regular use around your plot? We asked our team to share ...


  • Farm trials support efficacy of ferric phosphate

    On-farm field trials, carried out to raise awareness of pesticides in water, have highlighted the efficacy of ferric phosphate as a viable alternative to managing slug populations.Kelly Hewson-Fisher, catchment advisor at Anglian Water, began the ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Full Width Rotary Cultivator

    Full Width Rotary Cultivator

    Full width rotary cultivator for even crumbling structure for seedbed preparation in heavy soils for potatoes and carrots.