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Soil Health equipment for Crop Cultivation

  • RezFree - Liquid Organic Fertilizer

    CERES conducts inspections and offers certification per different governmental organic standards, such as regulation EEC 834/07, USDA-NOP Final Rule, and the Japanese Agricultural Standard to produce Organic Foodstuffs (JAS). Additionally, CERES provides inspection services for several national and international private standards of farmers' ...

    By RezFree Inc based in Houston, TEXAS (USA).

  • Catalis - Newest Nutriliming Agent

    Catalis, Agro-100’s newest nutriliming agent, is a rich source of calcium and sulphur. Composed of calcium sulphite (CaSO3) and calcium hydroxide (Ca[OH]2), Catalis outperforms calcitic lime (calcium carbonate [CaCO3]) on soil pH. With an agricultural index of 72% (dry matter), its fast action on the pH makes it highly recommended for acidic ...

    By Agro-100 based in Joliette, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Liming-Fertilizing Agent Product line

  • SuperHume - Soil Organic Matter (SOM)

    Everybody knows that a major contributor to healthy and productive soil is the presence of stable soil organic matter (SOM). But, forming stable soil organic matter is a slow process that takes years because the building blocks of stable SOM are the leftovers of dead plant or animal residues that have been decomposed by soil microorganisms. Soil ...

    By Ag Concepts Corp. based in Eagle, IDAHO (USA).

  • MillCreek - Model 204 - Mini Row Mulcher

    This narrow body Row Mulcher is ideal for growers with hobby farms or on estates with cultivated fruit or vegetable crops. The Mini is also the perfect choice for applying bulk material to narrow row vineyards.

    By Millcreek Manufacturing Inc. based in Honey Brook, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Row Mulchers Product line

  • Farmboy - Model Pro - 3-Point Hitches System

    The Farmboy Pro – This version of our hydraulic 3-point hitch, The Farmboy Pro, is designed for use on the Toro Workman HD. Total installation time is roughly 15 minutes and requires no drilling or welding at any point in the installation process. The quick-connect hydraulic couplings even make switching the lines quick and easy. The Farmboy ...

    By UTV Hitch Works based in Maineville, OHIO (USA). from 3-Point Hitches Product line

  • Cultiv - Model 1260 - Hyper Inoculate

    Designed to maintain optimal soil health by delivering sustainable soil technology. Root development, Nutrient uptake and growth rate are all a product of soil quality not fertilization. From greenhouse to general agriculture, let Cultiv 1260 Hyper Inoculate deliver the biology your soil needs to be super soil.

    By Cultiv based in Mt. Pleasant, SOUTH CAROLINA (USA). from Microbial Inoculates Product line

  • Model RanchWorx Series - Triplex Soil Aerators

    Built for heavy duty applications. When you need to aerate pasture fields, smooth/level, work in fertilizer, or a chopper for brush management - the RanchWorx Series Aerators are the perfect implements to get the job done. Our forward-thinking, expertly engineered design means you can run our aerator at faster ground speeds achieving higher acres ...

    By Lawson Mfg./RanchWorx based in Pinellas County, FLORIDA (USA). from Triple Drum Soil Aerators Product line

  • Sumagrow

    Why SumaGrow®? Because good stewardship is not just about the responsible planning and management of Earth’s limited resources for the Earth’s sake. It’s about us. It’s about our friends and family and people around the world we don’t know. It’s about meeting our basic needs to eat nutritious foods, drink ...

    By Bio Soil Enhancers, Inc. based in Hattiesburg, MISSOURI (USA).

  • Ground Engaging Attachments

    Prepare, move and dig soil with ground engaging lawn tractor attachments like an aerator or tiller.

    By Simplicity Manufacturing Inc based in Milwaukee, WISCONSIN (USA). from Attachments Product line

  • Lawn Aerator

    Cuts into the soil under your lawn with four sets of tempered steel 'knives,' to permit easy absorption of water, oxygen and nutrients. Perfect to use in compact, clay soil. Aerate before overseeding or spot seeding your lawn. Reduce soil compaction to let in air and water, which promotes the activity of beneficial soil microorganisms, and ...

    By Saxton`s Power Equipment Sales & Service Inc. based in Plymouth, MICHIGAN (USA). from Mantis Products Product line

  • RootRain ArborVent - Heavy-Duty Cast Irrigation Inlet

    The ArborVent is a heavy-duty cast irrigation inlet for heavily trafficked hardscape areas. The RootRain tree irrigation and aeration system maintains long term soil health and fertility by facilitating high volumes of nutrients such as water and oxygen to reach the tree rooting area directly and allowing toxic gasses to escape – all ...

    By GreenBlue Urban based in Bodiam, UNITED KINGDOM. from ​Tree Pit Irrigation & Aeration Product line

  • SoilWarrior - Model 3100 - Tillage System

    Environmental Tillage Systems (ETS) proves you don’t have to be the biggest to be the best with the launch of the new 3100 series SoilWarrior®. This complete, construction-grade zone till system is built with the quality and precision of a full-sized SoilWarrior, but packaged to fit the size and price point of today’s most ...

    By Environmental Tillage Systems, Inc. based in Faribault, MINNESOTA (USA).

  • Vermisol - Solid

    Vermisol Solid is derived from worms of Lumbricus Rubellis, known as Red Californian Worms. In production of VERMISOL Vermicompost, feed for the worms has no waste, rubbish etc.. The worms are only fed by cattle droppings. VERMISOL is the vermicompost including the highest productivity rate due to this feeding style. Biohumus enhances physical ...

    By VERMİSOL Naturel Tarım San. ve Tic. Ltd based in İstanbul, TURKEY.

  • ClearMat - Medium Duty Mat

    ClearMat is a specially designed ground protection solution which ensures that the grass underneath the mats still receives enough light to grow and avoid damage.  Most lawn grasses need around 4 to 6 hours of direct sunlight to survive but even dappled or filtered sunlight can still fuel the growth of healthy grass as long as ...

    By Checkers Safety Group based in Broomfield, COLORADO (USA). from Medium Duty Ground Protection Product line

  • Model RB - Lawn Aerator for Connection to Two Wheeled Tractors / Cutter Bar Mowers

    LIPCO lawn aerator is specially made for lawn areas and for compacted water-bound surfaces like goal areas, running tracks etc. Several tines have been mounted in pairs on a shaft. Each pair is arranged eccentrically on the shaft. The pairs of tines rotate freely at driving speed. When the shaft is switched on, a swaying rotary motion is created ...

    By LIPCO GMBH Land- und Kommunaltechnik based in Sasbach, GERMANY. from Implements - Lawn Care Product line

  • Model Lawson Series - Single Drum Soil Aerators

    The Lawson Series Single Drum Aerator is designed from the ground up for agricultural aeration situations. Built to be able to work in the toughest of soil types combined with the lightweight design, make this aerator perfect for agricultural aeration. The Lawson Single is designed to require less horse power to pull while still getting all the ...

    By Lawson Mfg./RanchWorx based in Pinellas County, FLORIDA (USA). from Single Drum Soil Aerators Product line

  • Precision Viticulture Technology

     Precision viticulture is all about identifying and managing variability within vineyards, optimise vineyard performance, in particular, maximising grape yield and quality while minimising environmental impacts and risk. This is accomplished by measuring local variation in factors that influence grape yield and quality (soil, topography, ...

    By Ateknea Solutions Vinbot Research Coordinator based in Cornellà de Llobregat, SPAIN. from Technology Product line

  • Fusion Powder

    9 billion microorganisms / g. Fusion powder promotes plant growth and bacterial balance of soils at planting. Maximizes crop yield The use of Fusion Powder helps preserve soil integrity and promote environmentally friendly agriculture. Available sizes: 5kg, 10kg, 20kg.

    By Nuvac Eco-Science Inc based in Valcourt, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Agricultural - Soil Maintenance and Fertilization Product line

  • Caledonian - High Quality Multipurpose Lawn Dressing - Builders Bag

    Caledonian Top Dressing is a high quality multipurpose lawn dressing designed to improve your lawns appearance and stimulate new grass growth. Mixed from a blend of 70% fine sand and 30% peat free compost Caledonian Top Dressing will enhance the look of your lawn, create a level surface and improve drainage. Caledonian Lawn Dressing can also be ...

    By Forth Resource Management Ltd. based in North Berwick, East Lothian, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Mulch

    The initial purpose is to help the soil retain heat, allowing early sowing and transplantation of certain crops and encourages faster growth. As the season progresses, ridging has different effects on soil: stabilizes temperature, avoiding heat fluctuations during summer conditions variables; moisture, reducing evaporation; used to control pests ...

    By Bio Global Group Inc based in Moore Haven, FLORIDA (USA). from Soil Bioengineering Products - Hydroseeding Product line

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