Soil Organic Matter

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  • The biofertilizer production method and process

    The biofertilizer production method and process

    Bio-organic fertilizer has high organic matter content, can improve soil, improve soil physical and chemical properties, enhance soil water retention, fertilizer conservation and fertilizer supply, and alleviate soil compaction caused by long-term use of chemical fertilizers; beneficial microorganisms in bio-organic fertilizer enter soil and soil Microorganisms form a symbiotic relationship with ...


  • Hard-working termites crucial to forest, wetland ecosystems

    Termites are unwelcome in your home. They can cause structural damage to the wood in frames, floors and other materials. It`s nothing personal, though. They are really just looking for food sources.But, outside, in the natural environment, termites ...

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  • Rosa Alecs Red (HT) Potted

    Rosa Alecs Red (HT) Potted

    Masses of luxurious, fully double, crimson to cherry red blooms are produced continuously from dark purple buds between July and September. This is an outstanding hybrid tea bush rose that's blessed with an impressive list of virtues.