Soil Organic Matter

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  • Ompact Disc Harrow
    Showcase Product

    Ompact Disc Harrow

    By LEMKEN GmbH & Co. KG

    Compact disc harrows provided previously intense and homogeneous mixing of soil and organic matter to a depth of approximately 12 cm. With Rubin 12, LEMKEN supplements its range of compact disc harrows, consisting of ...

  • Sifted Soil With Coarse Sand
    Showcase Product

    Sifted Soil With Coarse Sand

    By Bures Profesional, S.A.

    Soil prepared with a low organic matter content, suitable for gardens where it is necessary to raise the level.

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  • Solutions 4Earth, LLC.

    Solutions 4Earth, LLC.

    Solutions 4Earth is a soil and environmental science company. We specialize in next-generation, non-toxic nutrients to maximize yield and quality, ...

  • Nutrient Advantage Laboratory

    Nutrient Advantage Laboratory

    Nutrient Advantage is a major provider of soil, plant and water analytical services in Australia. This assists advisors to identify the most cost ...

  • Vermitechnology Unlimited

    Vermitechnology Unlimited

    As a leader in the industry, Vermitechnology Unlimited is your source for pure organic fertilizers derived from black casting, worm farming and ...

  • Claudio Pansa - Costruzioni in ferro

    Claudio Pansa - Costruzioni in ferro

    Our machines offer a greener and a cleaner alternative to the problem of organic waste disposal. Our Composters are automatic Bio-Mechanical and have ...

  • Bullock Tillage

    Bullock Tillage

    Jim Bullock is well known in the farming industry for much of his work and research into direct drilling techniques, soil quality issues and ...