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  • Fixed and Foldable Sunflower Headers
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    Fixed and Foldable Sunflower Headers

    By Tecnomais Srl

    This header can be used also for sesame and sorghum and can operate with all combines makes and models. The header can be completed with one or two lateral conical augers hydraulically driven by an independent system.

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  • Promising African plants

    This full-colour publication highlights 25 promising African plants, a selection from 10 years PROTA programme.    They include vegetables (e.g. ...

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    Pseudocereals and Less Common Cereals

    This book, written by leading grain scientists from Europe and Africa, examines six such grains that have been important food crops in various parts ...

  • Hybrid Cultivar Development

    Heterosis breeding based on male sterility has become established in many field crops and has been credited with high productivity. This book ...

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    A Guide to Identifying and Managing Nutrient Deficiencies in Cereal Crops

    This new booklet has been developed by the IPNI South Asia Program in cooperation with the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT). ...

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    Cereals and Millets

    Genome Mapping and Molecular Breeding in Plants presents the current status of the elucidation and improvement of plant genomes of economic interest. ...

Companies & Suppliers

  • Kenya Seed Company

    Kenya Seed Company

    Kenya Seed Company was incorporated in 1956. Its mandate is to research, develop, market and avail certified top quality, high yielding agricultural ...

  • Justin Seed Company

    Justin Seed Company

    In the fall of 1939 E. C. Tally purchased farm land near Justin, Texas and began growing seed wheat and oats. Justin Seed Company was incorporated in ...

  • Samco Agricultural Manufacturing Ltd

    Samco Agricultural Manufacturing Ltd

    SAMCO is an award winning innovative Agricultural company founded in 1997 by Managing Director Samuel J. Shine. SAMCO was initially established to ...

  • F.H. Schule Mühlenbau GmbH

    F.H. Schule Mühlenbau GmbH

    Since 1892 our company has been well acquainted with all cereals-producing countries in the world - and the corresponding cereals treatment methods. ...

  • National Sorghum Producers

    National Sorghum Producers

    National Sorghum Producers serves as the voice of the sorghum industry from coast to coast through legislative and regulatory representation and ...