Tobacco Farming

Equipment & Solutions

  • Direct-Fired Process Heaters
    Showcase Product

    Direct-Fired Process Heaters

    By Process Combustion Ltd

    In these applications the process stream can be directly heated without the need for a heat exchanger. This is achieved by mounting the burner directly in the air stream where it takes up the oxygen in the process ...

  • Bale Opener for Tobacco Bales
    Showcase Product

    Bale Opener for Tobacco Bales

    By ACA Industry ApS

    The ACA-bale opener is highly qualified for opening of tobacco bales. The ACA-bale opener opens even hard pressed tobacco bales, big as well as small bales. Then the tobacco is loosened completely and comes out loose ...

Latest News


  • Tobacco BY-2 Cells

    Tobacco BY-2 Cells

    The first compilation of a wealth of knowledge on tobacco BY-2 cells, often cited as the HeLa cell line of higher plants. Basic issues of cell cycle ...

  • Post-harvest Tobacco Infestation Control

    This book reviews all aspects of insect pests of tobacco and the subsequent control methods from the harvesting through to the production and ...