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  • High Efficient 1000W DE Grow Light Fixture

    High Efficient 1000W DE Grow Light Fixture

    Overview of 1000W DE Grow Light FixtureDrives a double ended HPS or MH 1000W LampDimmable electronic ballast: 600W/750W/825W/1000W/1150WWorks on 120V-240V with 208V/277V/280V/347V/400V/480V for choice.High frequency, up to 120kHzWarranty: 3 yearsETL Certified The Details of

  • Hydroponic Spacer, The Solution To Crazy Roots

    Among the many diseases that can affect the root zone of the plant, bacterial diseases stand out for being potentially very harmful..The main problem of these diseases is that there is no effective ...


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  • Mice, Rat, Rodent Control

    Mice, Rat, Rodent Control

    Rodents – most commonly mice and rats – are some of the most problematic pests. These creatures live wherever humans live, especially in urban areas. Mice and rats have acute hearing, are sensitive to ultrasound, and hold a highly developed sense of smell. Bird-X rodent control products are designed to attack these very senses, which are scientifically proven effective in keeping mice ...