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  • WP4-T Water Potential Measurement Brochure

    GGGGGenerate soil moisturerelease characteristicsMMMMMeasure water potential ofsoil samples for theroot zone, seed zone, and under mulch.MMMMMonitor water potential forbioremediation.MMMMMeasure water potentialdependence of seedgermination.MMMMMonitor seed primingmedia.SSSSStudy plant-water relationsWP4-TWater PotentialMeasurementn The WP4 is accurate and fast, and can be used with a ...

    By Decagon Devices, Inc.

  • Potential of Tilapia YY Technology Brochure

    1. Dr A. Hartley is graduated from Stirling University, UK and owner of Sustainable Aquaculture 2. Drs E. Bink is Master of Science University of Utrecht Aquatic Ecosystems and owner of Til-Aqua Int. LTD Potential of YY Tilapia Male Technology The effect on farming, disease resistance, ecosystems and human welfare with Mexico and Ghana as examples Adrian G. Hartley-Alcocer, Dr 1 Eric N. Bink, ...

    By Til-Aqua International

  • Potential of YY Technology - GAA April 2014 Brochure

    38 March/April 2014 global aquaculture advocateThe most successful sex-reversal and breeding program with the greatest economic impact in tilapia farming has been the production of all-male XY populations of Nile tilapia from YY males. In 2001, biologist Dr. Graham Mair concluded that YY male technology provides a robust and reliable solution to the serious and widespread problems of early ...

    By Til-Aqua International

  • Harnessing The Anaerobic Potential Developments in Farming, Food & Residual Organics presentation

    The Energy BalanceHarnessing The Anaerobic PotentialDevelopments in Farming, Food & Residual OrganicsSir Ben Gill CBE MA (Cantab)Lancashire County Cricket ClubTuesday November 13th 200711/15/2007 111/15/2007 2Why the Question?• Increasing concerns about the sustainability of our life styles– “One Planet” Living as an objective• Increasing Demands for Energy• Increasing demand for food products– ...

    By Cambi AS

  • Aquasafe - Convenient Convenient Tablet for Water Purifier Brochure

    Simple effective water purifier Features Convenient tablet form Generates hypochlorous acid, a powerful antimicrobial More chlorine as hypochlorous acid at lower ph Self acidifying to potentiate ...

    By Optivite

  • Nature Kleen - Water Sanitizer Unit Brochure

    The Nature Kleen Water Sanitizer unit is great for cleaning foods like fruits, vegetables and poultry and will double the shelf life. It not only breaks down residual traces of toxic chemicals and pathogens but also kills bacteria and viruses on fruits, vegetables, meats, fish,  seafood and poultry (not recommended for ground beef).  It is a low cost, safe, portable and energy ...

  • Froling - Thermal Buffer and Indirect Domestic Hot Water Heater - Brochure

    The Energy Tank is built differently than typical indirect hot water heaters. Essentially, it is the reverse of a typical indirect hot water heater. The large volume of the storage tank is filled with boiler water. The super efficient 104’ long heat exchanger, with a surface area of 64 square feet, consistently produces domestic hot water with either low buffer or appliance temperatures. ...

    By Tarm Biomass

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    Hydroponics Brochure

    A technique of growing plants in nutrient solution”. Hydroponics literally means water-working or wateractivation. It is a cultivation technique for growing plants in highly oxygenated, nutrient enriched water, rather than soil. The nutrient solution and its management are the cornerstone for a successful hydroponics system. The function of a hydroponics nutrient solution is to supply the ...

    By Myron L Company

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    Delta-T - Model EQ2 - Equitensiometer - Manual

    EquitensiometerSOIL MATRIC POTENTIAL SENSORTYPE EQ2USER MANUALEQ2-UM-1.3EQ2-UM-1.3 Page 2ContentsIntroduction and description......................................................................3Installation ...................................................................................................4Connections ...

    By Delta-T Devices Ltd.

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    Manure Treatment Flyer

    Colsen has developed a cost effective and sustainable methodology for treatment of manure originating from intensive farming. This manure treatment consists of a combination of technologies, such as thermophilic digestion equipped with DIGESTMIX®, ammonia stripping using AMFER®, phosphate production using ANPHOS® and post-treatment of the liquid fraction using a NAS® ...

    By Colsen International b.v.

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    Delta-T - Model ML3 ThetaKit - Soil Moisture Measurement Kit - Brochure

    The ThetaKit is a powerful tool for optimising turf health The ThetaKit enables fast, precise soil moisture measurement - enabling turf health to be accurately monitored. To achieve the best surfaces, turf professionals have many resources to call on, but knowing where and when to apply these resources is a major challenge. The ThetaKit provides quick, reliable data to successfully address this ...

    By Delta-T Devices Ltd.

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    Delta-T - Model EQ3 - Equitensiometer - User Manual

    The EQ3 Equitensiometer (EQ3) measures soil matric potential and temperature. Soil matric potential is the negative pressure (or suction) required to extract water from between the matrix of soil particles. It is an important indication of plant water stress. The value of soil matric potential measured depends mainly on the quantity of water present and the make-up of the soil, though it is also ...

    By Delta-T Devices Ltd.

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    Aquaculture Brochure

    aquacultureultraviolet technology for aquaculture & Fish Farmingatg uV technologyGenesis Houserichmond HillPembertonWiganWN5 8aaunited Kingdom atG uV tecHNoloGy are MarKet leaDerS IN tHe cuStoM DeSIGN, ProDuctIoN, INStallatIoN aND MaINteNaNce oF ultraVIolet treatMeNt SySteMS For a raNGe oF aPPlIcatIoNS.With over twenty five years of industry experience atg UV Technology are market leaders, whose ...

    By atg UV Technology

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    Horticulture Brochure

    Horticultureultraviolet technology for Hydroponics & Agricultureatg uV technologyGenesis Houserichmond HillPembertonWiganWN5 8AAunited Kingdom AtG uV tecHNoloGy Are MArKet leADerS iN tHe cuStoM DeSiGN, ProDuctioN, iNStAllAtioN AND MAiNteNANce oF ultrAViolet treAtMeNt SySteMS For A rANGe oF APPlicAtioNS.With over twenty five years of industry experience atg UV Technology are market leaders, whose ...

    By atg UV Technology

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    Model EQ3 - Equitensiometer - Datasheet

    The EQ3 next generation Equitensiometer has extra features and a new look. With maintenance‐free operation and a wide measurement range it continuesto set the standard for reliable water potential measurement. In addition it now measures soil temperature. The precision‐built EQ3 uses class leading ThetaProbe technology to avoid the many problems of water‐filled tensiometers. It ...

    By Delta-T Devices Ltd.

  • MPS-1 - Operator`s Manual Brochure

    MPS-1Dielectric Water Potential SensorOperator’s ManualVersion 3.0 Decagon Devices, Inc.2365 NE Hopkins CourtPullman, WA 99163Tel: (509) 332-2756Fax: (509) 332-5158www.decagon.comCopyright ©2008-2009Decagon Devices, Inc.All Rights ReservediContents1. Introduction ................................. 1Contact Information ...................................... ...

    By Decagon Devices, Inc.

  • Soil Science Brochure (PDF 91 KB)

    Benefits of Our Systems1. Soil water sensors and systems use proven and innovative measurement methods.2. Versatility is inherent in all systems allowing expansion and custom configuration.3. Compatibility with a wide variety of sensors.4. Battery/solar power sys-tem provides long-term, remote operation.5. Communications options include satellite, phone, cellphone, and radio.6. Dataloggers ...

    By Campbell Scientific, Inc.

  • FertiMiX - Model E-series - Standard Unit Brochure

    The FertiMiX E-series are standard units available in four capacities and feature a wider range of basic options than the FertiMiX-Go!. Thanks to their standard design, the FertiMiX E-series units can be supplied quickly and are very ...

    By HortiMaX B.V.

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    Geoweb Channel Protection Technical Overview

    PRESTO GEOWEB® CHANNEL PROTECTION SYSTEMTECHNICAL OVERVIEW4 PRESTO GEOSYSTEMS 670 N PERKINS STREET, APPLETON, WISCONSIN, USA 54914 Ph: 920-738-1707 or 800-548-3424 ¦ Fax: 920-738-1222 e-mail: INFO@PRESTOGEO.COM Geoweb System withvegetated topsoil infillGeoweb System withconcrete infill Concrete-filledGeoweb Systeminvert protectionMulti-layer GeowebSystem side slopeswith vegetated infill ...

    By Presto Geosystems

  • AquaPlex amino pdf

    Is Your Turf Suffering fromSalt Stress?1273 Imperial Way • Paulsboro, NJ 08066 • USA • 1-800-257-7797 • 1-856-537-6003 • Fax 1-856-537-6018 • www.aquatrols.comApplication and UseEnhance Your Turf’s Ability to Manage StressFor Greens: Apply AquaPlex amino at or before the onset of salt related stress. Repeat application every 2-4 weeks depending on severity of stress. Apply 1.5 gallons ...

    By Aquatrols Corporate

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