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Fruit Harvesting equipment for Horticulture

  • OBST - Self Propelled Fruit Harvesters

    Compressor Set 550 LT (5 Quick Coupling Air Plugs) (Kg.25) Double Tank (23lt/15kg Each) (On Mod. 2500x120/ 2500x135. The Air Tank is Single) No Mod. OBST 200.

    By AGROMEC based in Venezzano (BO), ITALY. from Self Propelled Fruit Harvesters Product line

  • Model AF5 - Fruit Harvester

    Lombardini motor 3 cylinders 25 HP, Cooled by water. Hydrostatic Transmission 2 speeds, from 0 to 14 Km/h. Parking brake system. Servo-hydraulic drive system. 2 Motive wheels 10.75/15.3. 2 Directional Lateral wheels 7.50×16. 2 independent platforms, with gangplank and hydraulic level. Hydraulic elevator, in front. Hydraulic elevator, behind. ...

    By ARGILES, SL based in MIRALCAMP (Lleida), SPAIN. from Fruit Harvester Product line

  • Cross - Model 120 - Self Levelling Propelled Fruit Harvester

    Hydrost. transmission with independent wheels. Simultaneous steering of the 4 wheelwith automatic return to center position to release the joystic. Max. slopes and Max. safety thanks to the levelling on the 4 indipendent wheels. Automatic selflevelling system, max confort in all the situations, it never gets bogged down.

    By Orsi Group S.r.l. based in Mascarino di Castello d`Argile, ITALY. from Self Propelled Fruit Harvester Product line

  • Grandine - Model Eco 120 - Self Propelled Fruit Harvester

    Hydrost. transmission with independent wheels. Sequential steering of the 4 wheelwith automatic return to center position to release the joystic. Impossible to remain imprisoned in the mud. Electric version; charge 30 hours.

    By Orsi Group S.r.l. based in Mascarino di Castello d`Argile, ITALY. from Self Propelled Fruit Harvester Product line

  • Samson - Self-Propelled Harvesters

    Designed to harvest both large and small bushes efficiently it is fundamentally different from other blackcurrant harvesters in the way in which the chassis has been designed on the basis of a tractor power unit with a pivoting front axle so that the harvester achieves excellent traction and steering as well as good stability for the operators at ...

    By SFM Technology Limited based in Martock, UNITED KINGDOM. from Blackcurrant Harvesting Product line

  • Oxbo - Model 9000 - Berry Harvester

    Oxbo builds on the strength of the Korvan brand with the model 9000, an over-the-row raspberry, blackberry, and caneberry harvester. The design of the Oxbo 9000 allows efficient in-field operation and effective harvesting. Curved belts minimize fruit drops to deliver the highest quality fruit. Oxbo backs every Model 9000 with local parts and ...

    By Oxbo International Corporation based in Byron, NEW YORK (USA). from Blackberry Harvesters Product line

  • SABRE - Tractor Mounted Harvester

    The SABRE is a tractor-mounted attachment specifically designed to collect fruit for use within the cider, apple drinks and apple processing industries. This one-person operated machine is designed to offer high output harvesting whilst minimising damage thus helping to improve quality. The harvested fruit is directed via elevators and conveyors ...

    By SFM Technology Limited based in Martock, UNITED KINGDOM. from Apple Harvesting Product line

  • Model FI-LM, FI-MM & FI-SM - Fruit Growth Sensors

    A series of absolute displacement sensors provides recording both size and growth rate of intact rounded fruits in three diameter ranges within 7 to 160 mm. Two phenomena affect fruit diameter. These are growth and internal water content. The growth component is usually dominant. ...

    By Bio Instruments S.R.L. based in Chisinau, MOLDOVA. from Plant Sensors Product line

  • Pattenden - Blackcurrant Picking Machinery

    Blackcurrant harvester with side delivery conveyors. Output of 50 tons a day. Five man harvesting team. Big reductions in harvesting costs. Reduces requirements for fork trucks. Ideal pumped tanker system. Left and right handed conveyors to suit any field. Ideal for smaller acreages. Lifts controlled by rear operator. Quick folding inspection ...

    By Pattenden Machinery Ltd based in Ledbury, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Berardinucci TORNADO - Vibrating Device

    The TORNADO version is a vibrating device with up-to-date design and innovative features. This version was originally designed and produced to harvest olives but it has also been proven to be exceptionally versatile with pistachio, almond, cherry and plums. The TORNADO version is remote controlled operated. This permits the operator to be closer ...

  • HUSK - Model M400 - Separator

    This machine benefits from a proven 3-phase 5.5 kW electric motor capable of providing all the power required for optimal performance. It is fitted with a top container for the fruit, a patented husk-opening system, and an efficient 3-phase cleaning system guaranteeing top quality product.

    By Monchiero & C. Snc based in Pollenzo di Bra (CN), ITALY. from Fruit harvesters- Special Equipment for Chestnut Professionals Product line

  • OLIVANCE - Model EP S V2 - Electric Olive Harvester with Contrasting Reed Movement

    The professional electric olive harvester withcontrasting reed movementis ideal for medium/large-sized olives and for plants with not too much foliage. Theremovablereedsin engineered polymerthat can be substitutedmake the machine lighter and maintenance practical. The contrasting reed movement provides fast and precise harvesting with no damage to ...

    By Castellari Srl based in Imola (BO), ITALY. from Electrical Olive Harvest Tools Product line

  • MULE - Model 160 - Fruit Picker

    Self-propelled electric or diesel traction platform structure.Two- or four-wheel drive.Levelling or fixed.The MULE 160 self-propelled platform for pruning and fruit picking has been designed specifically for modern, dense fruit cultivation It is an extremely compact machine with a steering angle of 60°, meaning it offers a unique ease of ...

    By HARTER based in Frangarto, ITALY. from Fruit Harvesters Product line

  • Arrigoni - Model 2021VN Elaion Due - Olives Harvesting Monofilament Net

    Olives harvesting monofilament net double thread, weight g. 32/m2, hole dimension 7,1x6,7 mm., dark green colour.

    By Arrigoni S.p.A. based in Uggiate Trevano (CO) , ITALY. from Olives and Fruits Harvesting Product line

  • Model 498 - Chestnut Harvester

    Specially designed for harvesting chestnuts, this machine has all the features required to guarantee excellent yields. The transmission to the belt, sieve, star valve and lateral fan is fully-hydraulic. The patented de-husker is coated with rubber so that the separation is very effective, and at the same time extremely delicate. Cleaning has been ...

    By Monchiero & C. Snc based in Pollenzo di Bra (CN), ITALY. from Fruit harvesters- Special Equipment for Chestnut Professionals Product line

  • Pick-Up-System

    Characteristics: The pick-up makes possible the pick-up of nearly all crops. Especially in difficult fruits as for example rape, grass seed, peas, beans and lenses the pickup shows truck his unusual efficiency.

    By Ziegler GmbH based in Pöttmes, GERMANY. from Harvesting Product line

  • Olive Harvest Tool

    A professional product, excellent return on investment, ultra-lightweight and offers exceptional handling. Use a PELLENC multifunction battery or a 12 V battery (the kind of battery used in a car) with a converter.

    By Pellenc SA based in Pertuis cedex, FRANCE. from Fruit Growing Product line

  • Moresil - Model 3700 PLUS - Olive Collector

    The Olive Collector Moresil 3700 PLUS is designed to collect olives from the ground and then take them to desired location.Its great manoeuvrability, due to an entirely hydraulic system, and its small size give the olive collector exceptional characteristics for collecting olives off the ground, with the sweeping system, in most of the existing ...

    By Moresil, S.L based in Posadas, SPAIN. from Olives and Fruits Harvesting Product line

  • Pluk-O-Trak - Model Junior - Harvesting Machines

    Pluk-O-Trak harvesting machines are known for their increased picking capacity and the ability to minimise the risk of damage to the fruit.This machine enables trees to be fully harvested from top to bottom without the need to use a second harvesting system. The Junior is the most suitable model for applications in orchards planted with trees up ...

    By Machinefabriek J.M. van den Munckhof B.V. based in Horst (NL), NETHERLANDS. from Harvesting Machines Product line

  • Harvista - Pre Harvest Technology

    Harvista pre-harvest technology gives orchards a competitive edge by helping deliver the highest quality fruit to market. Harvista allows you to expand the harvest window up to 21 days, keeping fruit on the tree for optimal color, size and firmness. Harvista technology prevents ethylene recognition to slow the natural ripening process, maintaining ...

    By AgroFresh based in Collegeville, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Pre-Harvest Product line

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