Fruit Ripening

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  • Ripening Chambers with Mogul Technology
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    Ripening Chambers with Mogul Technology

    By WEISSHAAR GmbH & Co. KG

    Ripening chambers are used in the field of mogul technology for manufacturing confectionery products based on starch and gelatine. The liquid hot mass is poured into moulds, which are made out of starch - also referred ...

  • Highly Concentrated Natural Biostimulant
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    Highly Concentrated Natural Biostimulant

    By AminoA Ltd

    AminoA Pro is a natural micro-granulated formula, completely water soluble, obtained through enzymatic hydrolysis using high quality, stringently selected sources that guarantee the final product meets the highest ...

  • Kiwi Meter for Fruit & Veg Ripeness/Quality Control
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    Kiwi Meter for Fruit & Veg Ripeness/Quality Control

    By T.R. Turoni Srl

    Instrument that, by means of its absorbency properties, allows to measure the chlorophyll`s content in a fruit. Specific version for Kiwi. In fruit and vegetables, establishing the optimal harvest time is a crucial ...

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