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Greenhouse Ventilation equipment for Horticulture

  • Greenhouses

    T.C. v.d. Dool has over 70 years of experience in increasing the height of and renovating greenhouses. And renovation techniques - just like modern greenhouse construction techniques - are highly developed. This should be carried out by inventive specialists who employ the latest techniqus and use modern equipment and the best ...

    By T.C. v.d. Dool B.V. based in Maasdijk, NETHERLANDS.

  • Top Tropical Greenhouse

    The Top Tropical model greenhouse offers optimal ventilation for tropical areas where heavy rains showers accourse. The fixed roof vent allows the humidity to exit the greenhouse. The shape of the arches allows excellent light transmission.

    By Top Greenhouses Ltd. based in Rishon LeZion, ISRAEL.

  • Multispan - Model 800/960 - Sawtooth

    The new multispan 800/960 Sawtooth open top. Maximum transmission up to 91 %, diffuses light up to 75 %, helping even spread of light to prevent burning of plants and reducing the temperature inside the Greenhouse. The Thermic effect of film reduces the day-night temperature difference inside the Greenhouse. Maximum ventilation is provided that ...

    By Agrispan based in Mijdrecht, NETHERLANDS.

  • Hinovator - Fully-adjustable, Energy-friendly and Vertical Distribution Fan

    The Hinovator is a fully-adjustable, energy-friendly, vertical distribution fan. It is used to optimize mixing and distribution of greenhouse air. The Hinovator is built around a highly efficient EC motor and a fan, developed in-house, with a very constant operating range with a wide variation in speed.

    By Hinova BV based in Berkel en Rodenrijs, NETHERLANDS.

  • Model NP - Greenhouse

    Nelson and Pade, Inc. provides complete greenhouse packages for all models of our Clear Flow Aquaponic Systems.  Each NP Greenhouse is designed with food safety, bio-security, energy efficiency and maximum environmental control in mind. Purchasing the greenhouse along with Clear Flow Aquaponic Systems ensure customers the best integration of ...

    By Nelson and Pade, Inc based in Montello, WISCONSIN (USA).

  • AC Garden Greenhouses

    AC Garden Series Greenhouses are graceful curved eaves and glass, or elegant straight eaves with either glass or triple wall polycarbonate (with optional Victorian ridge cresting), make the AC Garden Series Greenhouses as esthetically charming as they are practical. The unique blend of from and strength-of-design, creates a wonderful growing ...

    By Gothic Arch Greenhouses, Inc. based in Mobile, ALABAMA (USA).

  • Panas - Greenhouse

    Panas Greenhouse- The Panas Greenhouse was developed to meet the growing needs of farmers around the world to produce higher quality crops. These high-technology greenhouses are based on the last developments in the agricultural industry. This greenhouse is designed to solve ventilation and humidity problems and is especially suited for hot and ...

    By Orgil Greenhouses Agriculture consulting based in San Diego, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Greenhouse Fog Humidity/Cooling Units

    Heat can be dropped and relative humidity increased with Timfog system as a result of evaporation of billions of water droplets sprayed from fogging nozzles by absorbing the heat of the air. The resulting cool and wet weather is used to keep the desired climate conditions in the greenhouse with Timfog circulation fans, ventilation and control ...

    By Timfog Engineering Co. based in Ümraniye, TURKEY. from Greenhouse Climatization Products Product line

  • MSC Greenhouses - Model K3 - Greenhouse

    More volume inside of the greenhouse allows a stable temperature. Large surface of ventilation ensures high air exchange rate. Designed for tropical regions and regions with a high degree of relative humidity.

    By MSC Greenhouses based in Montequinto, Dos Hermanas, SPAIN. from Greenhouses Product line

  • Huachang-Yarns - Model HDPE+UV - Shade Net

    Shade net is used to protect plants from direct sunlight and offers superior ventilation, improves light diffusion, reflects summer heat and keeps greenhouses cooler. Our factory manufactures both woven and knitted shade nets, they are made of High Density Polyethylene or Aluminum tape with UV resistant stabilizers, which enables our nets ...

    By Huachang Yarns & Fabrics Co.,Ltd based in Shenjiang city, CHINA. from Shade Net Product line

  • ECONET - Model 100400 - Ventilation Screen

    ECONET is a ventilation screen for keeping harmful insects outside the greenhouse and useful insects inside. ECONET 100400 is available with a hole size of 1.0x4.0 mm, providing a secure barrier for your situation.

    By AB Ludvig Svensson based in Kinna, SWEDEN. from Insect Control Product line

  • Ginegar - Anti-Insect (Polysack) Nets

    In today’s environmentally-conscious environment, there is a growing awareness of the severe damage caused by toxic pesticides to the environment and to public health. In fact, many consumers are no longer prepared to put pesticide-treated agricultural produce on their tables, and this trend of reduced used of toxic materials will grow ...

    By Ginegar Plastic Products Ltd based in Kibbutz, ISRAEL. from Agricultural - Nets Product line

  • Redpath - Model Nursery Series 6.4m x 20m - Greenhouse

    Redpath “Nursery Series” commercial greenhouse kit, single skin Hortiplus commercial greenhouse film roof cover with Duralock film clipping system, 1.6m tall sidewall, windbreak sides and ends with Hi-Tensile wire/butterfly clips fastening system, double door one end. The 6.4m Nursery series design is a budget greenhouse that is both ...

    By Redpath Ltd. based in Bendigo, AUSTRALIA. from Current Specials Product line

  • Chatron - Solar Greenhouse

    Drying and its process has evolved over time. There is an element which remains vital today: THE SUN. It is making the most of their potential arising solar greenhouses Chatron. Use as a base and as a central element solar panels SVP. Use as a base and as a central element solar panels SVP. Can be installed up to 8 units. SVP2.5 in series, for in ...

    By Chatron based in Vale de Cambra, PORTUGAL. from Solar - Other products Product line

  • Model C-Sport-SERIES - Greenhouse Vents Controllers

    C-SPORT : Vents opening proportional to temperature. Six models: from 1 to 6 independent compartments controlled at the same time. Wind speed and rain control with limited programmable vents opening, if required by temperature. Total closing for storm. The WPR models control also the On/off Heating. The WPG models control also the inflation of the ...

    By Agricontrol Snc based in Albenga (SV), ITALY. from Controllers Product line

  • Ulma - Extractor Fan

    The extractor fans allow forcing the ventilation inside greenhouses when the natural ventilation using roof and/or perimeter vents, does not allow reaching the desired rate of air renewal, which is an innate need for producing crops as well as livestock farms. They are often used in combination with evaporative cooling panels or water misting ...

    By Ulma Agrícola based in Oñati (Gipuzkoa), SPAIN. from Greenhouse Equipment Product line

  • Westbrook - Original Gutter-Connected Greenhouse

    Westbrook's original gutter-connected greenhouse has been used by commercial growers and retailers for over twenty years. Westbrook introduced the world’s first curved glass greenhouse back in 1985, designed with large panels of curved glass for increased strength and light. The Solar Glass house is for the grower or retailer who wants ...

    By Westbrook Greenhouse Systems LTD. based in Beamsville, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Greenhouse Product line

  • FarmTek - Hot House Growing System

    High-domed, self-heating Hot House grows taller starts! This complete mini-greenhouse system is designed for high-growing plants. Dual-vented dome is 6-1/2' high to provide plenty of headroom! Heating mat provides gentle, even warmth and controls humidity. Includes 11' x 22' watertight base tray, 72-cell seedling insert, and instructions. UL ...

  • Asthor - Model PV - Greenhouse

    Asthor PV Greenhouse is designed for regions with a warm-mild climate during all the year. The design of the Asthor PV Greenhouse, with a fixed roofed more efficient ventilation as long as it protects the crop against more adverse atmospheric effects. Its special design prevents the entrance of rain while achieving a continuous ventilation, with ...

    By Asthor Agrícola, S.A. based in Gijón, SPAIN. from Greenhouses Product line

  • Dalsem - Greenhouse Ventilation System

    Ventilation is an important factor in maintaining the greenhouse temperature at the ideal level for the vegetables, flowers or pot plants. Depending on the desired ventilation capacity for your specific crop, there are various options:

    By Dalsem based in Den Hoorn, NETHERLANDS. from Installation Product line

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