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Articles & Whitepapers

  • Choosing the Right Light for Young Plants

    Horticulture lighting research has been conducted on young plants (germination, seedlings, plugs and cuttings) for many years. Michigan State University published a series of articles in Greenhouse Grower (see references below) on bedding plant seedlings. In their research, Drs. Wollaeger and Runkle experimented with different LED wavelengths and compared them to fluorescent light on seedling ...

  • Grow to Order and Seed Collection

    Local provenance planting is important to help restore our natural habitats and retain the genetic integrity of plant populations and is strongly recommended for projects within or near ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Fertilizer Openers

    Fertilizer Openers

    The Precision Series lives up to its name. It’s patented design and angles ensure the most accurate seed and fertilizer placement for crops. Farmers with fields that have a history of rocks or hard soil will find that the Precision excels, without the mechanical breakdowns or interruptions that can be frustrating during peak seeding times. The unique design can also accommodate a variety of ...