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  • PVC Fiber Reinforced Hose

    Our PVC fiber reinforced hose is used to transport water,gas,oil in agriculture and industry and Convey solid particles in mines,engineering etc.Cover: clear smooth pvcReinforcement: multiple layers of synthetic yarnsTube: clear smooth PVCTemperature: -5 ℃ to +65℃Good adaptability to hard condition and min


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  • Light Dripper Line in Small Coils

    Light Dripper Line in Small Coils

    Brico AQUADROP is a thin-walled black polyethylene hose with a blue stripe on top, with internally welded flat drippers manufactured by pre-ordered and constant spacing. Brico AQUADROP is suitable for drip irrigation on small and medium-sized installation, garden plants, hedges, balconies, terraces, etc. The inlet filters inside the dripper and the large labyrinth reduce the risk of clogging, due ...