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  • How locality and soil types plays a roll in your irrigation equipment

    How locality and soil types plays a roll in your irrigation equipment

    RST Irrigation Ltd are in an enviable location in the country. In the heart of East Anglia, within 1/2m of Sufflok, Norfolk and Cambridgeshire border, they are on the edge of the fenlands and only a few miles from the Brecklands. The two areas are quite different from each other. The Fenlands feature dark soils (and some white eau), which can range from light to heavy black and encompasses peat, ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Quarter-Turn Fire Protection

    Quarter-Turn Fire Protection

    Quarter-turn cast iron gearbox suitable for use with fire protection (i.e. sprinkler) systems, includes limit switches to be incorporated into a supervisory electrical circuit. Designed and tested specifically to meet UL1091 specification and FM1112 approval.

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  • Ultrapure Micro 2020

    Ultrapure Micro 2020

    The Ultrapure Micro conference is the premier annual event that explores the latest trends in high purity environments and micro contamination around critical substrates in manufacturing and water management in fabrication plants. It serves as a platform for industry collaboration, research, knowledge exchange, and networking. UPM is driven by end-user needs and strives to facilitate productive ...