Commercial Irrigation

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Precision Irrigation - Case Study

    Precision Irrigation - Case Study

    The NIAB EMR WET (Water Efficient Technologies) Centre houses an integrated portfolio of cutting-edge growing techniques and trickle irrigation systems for the soft fruit sector. It provides commercial scale demonstrations, one to one expert technical advice, and training workshops.The Centre’s commercially available Precision Irrigation

  • Two Approaches for Optimizing Water Productivity

    Two Approaches for Optimizing Water Productivity

    Agricultural Research Service researchers in Bushland, Texas, are helping farmers make the most of their water supplies in a region where they depend on the Ogallala Aquifer, a massive underground ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Drip Irrigation Controllers

    Drip Irrigation Controllers

    Solar DIG drip irrigation controllers are the top of the line in drip irrigation timers. DIG Corp supplies a wide selection of both AC and battery operated drip irrigation controllers, some of which have programming capabilities for both residential and light commercial use. DIG`s drip irrigation system controllers feature user-friendly programming, sleek contemporary designs, and ...