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  • Navel Orangeworm Management at Hull Split

    Navel Orangeworm Management at Hull Split

    With navel orangeworm (NOW) monitoring well underway in the Central Valley, it’s time to review your spray strategy for the 2020 season. While percent damage in previous seasons can give you a sense of how successful your NOW management program was, it can be hard to find the answers when things don’t go according to plan. Looking at how your sprays were timed, relative to the ...


  • Do soils need a low-salt diet?

    Do soils need a low-salt diet?

    Doctors often tell their patients to reduce their salt intake as part of a healthy lifestyle. When we start looking at food labels, we may find salt in surprising places – like baked goods, drinks and canned foods. While you may try to ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Multi Calor Pipes

    Multi Calor Pipes

    Like the multi-calor pipes, the pipes of the multi-eco system are characterised by 5 layers, which are united one to the other and enhance the value of the metal-plastic couple. The internal layer carrying the fluids is made of cross-linked polyethylene, a polymer whose resistance to high temperatures and hydrostatic pressures has been confirmed after more than thirty years of use in the plant ...