Irrigation Automation

Equipment & Solutions

  • Automatic Irrigation Winged Drum Machine
    Showcase Product

    Automatic Irrigation Winged Drum Machine

    By Gungor Agricultural Machinery

    Automatic watering machine used with the wing irrigation system that allows less spending power of low pressure, low as 2 atm  can work in pressure. 300-400-500mm length wing m hose length found in irrigation ...

  • Small Irrigation Programmers System
    Showcase Product

    Small Irrigation Programmers System

    By Agricontrol Snc

    X-IP : Small Irrigation programmers for 2 valves+pump or 3 valves. For every valve programmable time in minutes and seconds. 4 irrigation programs. 5 daily start times per program. Cyclic irrigation: programmable ...

  • Light Sum Controller
    Showcase Product

    Light Sum Controller

    By Agricontrol Snc

    INTS-01 : When the light sum reaches a programmed value, a relay is closed to activate a pump or an irrigation valve for a programmable time in minutes and seconds. When the number of valves is more than one, the ...

Companies & Suppliers

  • The Source Inc

    The Source Inc

    We are the landscape irrigation industry’s leading supplier of OEM and after-market replacement parts for all major brands of system components ...

  • Green Decor d.o.o.

    Green Decor d.o.o. is a company that exists in the market by 2001 and for 15 years has been operating successfully in the field of landscape ...

  • Clockhouse Nursery

    Clockhouse Nursery

    At Clockhouse Nursery, we are proud to say, you won't find any of the trivial paraphernalia that many garden centres offer you. Instead, we stick to ...

  • Stolze B.V.

    Stolze B.V.

    Stolze strength will be your strength, yours will be ours. The source of Stolze strength comes not only from 40 years of experience but also from its ...

  • IRRILAND s.r.l.

    IRRILAND s.r.l.

    Irriland is a young dynamic company specialised in the design, development, manufacture and assistance of automatic irrigators, booms, pivot, ...