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  • Irrigation Programmer
    Showcase Product

    Irrigation Programmer

    By Irritec S.r.l.

    Compared with the Gold, this programmer can handle up to 6 fertilisers, with 24 vac, 12v dc and 9-12v dc latching relay outlets.

  • Irrigation Programmers
    Showcase Product

    Irrigation Programmers

    By Irritec S.r.l.

    The option of radio remote control, management software with internet access via modem and the arrangement of receiver sensors make the new Commander EVO range of programmers for agriculture a completely new product.

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  • Irritec S.r.l.

    Irritec S.r.l.

    Irritec is one of the top five irrigation manufactures in the world serving more than 90 countries worldwide and with over 350 dedicated employees ...