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  • The Effect of Wastewater Irrigation on Perennial Energy Crops

    Using treated wastewater to irrigate energy crops is a favourable alternative for traditional irrigation, especially on marginal lands or in seasons when water is scarce. Although irrigating crops with reused wastewater (even when used to irrigate non-food crop) not always have social acceptance, considering the amount of wastewater daily available, and its high nutrient loads, it is a ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Golf Course Irrigation Systems

    Golf Course Irrigation Systems

    At WeDo Tanks, we design and build custom Golf Course Irrigation Systems. Backed by vast industry experience, we’re able to meet the needs of golf course irrigation systems or irrigation tanks. Be it a completely new install of a borehole or upgrading of a poorly constructed one, we handle everything. At WeDo Tanks, you can get everything water storage tanks, existing irrigation systems and ...