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  • Black Flexible Pipe
    Showcase Product

    Black Flexible Pipe

    By Plastic Puglia

    POLIFLAT is a black flexible pipe with blue stripe for waste water supply and low pressure irrigation systems. It represents an alternative to rigid and flexible PVC mains. This product allows compact roll winding and ...

  • Small Diameter Dripline
    Showcase Product

    Small Diameter Dripline


    The minidrip™ dripline, the result of the research and innovation of Irritec®, is the answer for irrigation needs “for gardens, flowerbeds, and small vegetable gardens”, where available space, ...

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  • Water Reuse for Irrigation: Agriculture, Landscapes, and Turf Grass

    Water Reuse for Irrigation: Agriculture, Landscapes, and Turf Grass

    Water reuse programs worldwide face a number of technical, economic, and regulatory challenges related to the long-term environmental, agronomic, and ...

  • Aridity


    At the intersection of environmental science and human biology this book deals with dry ecosystems - aridity, droughts, wind and its influence on ...

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    Irritec is one of the top five irrigation manufactures in the world serving more than 90 countries worldwide and with over 350 dedicated employees ...

  • Plastic Puglia

    Plastic Puglia

    Plastic-Puglia established mainly from the passion of his founder, Baron Vitantonio Colucci for the agricultural world and his great experience about ...