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Irrigation Drainage equipment for Irrigation

  • Premium

    Eijkelkamp - Model 09.04 - Double Ring Infiltrometer

    The measure of infiltration of water into the soil is an important indication concerning: the efficiency of irrigation and drainage, optimizing the availabilityof water for plants, improving the yield of crops and minimizing erosion.

    By Eijkelkamp Soil & Water based in Giesbeek, NETHERLANDS. from Field Measurement Equipment Product line

  • Amphibious Pump

    VCT weather proof cable. Auto-cut to prevent motor burning. Abrasion resistance. Double seal to prevent leakage. Water cooling motor to ensure long Operation. High efficiency. Low engergy comsuption.

    By SINO-AQUA Corporation based in Kaohsiung, TAIWAN.

  • Cranberry King - 3-Point Hitch Attachment

    The O'Connell Cranberry King uses a 3-point hitch attachment and a parallel linkage vertical lift system. The 20” disc blade is located directly above the cutting edge and is designed to cut the existing cranberry roots cleanly and efficiently with minimal disturbance to the cranberry bed. The 24 degree cutting edge at the front lifts the ...

    By O`Connell Farm Drainage Plows, Inc. based in Potosi, WISCONSIN (USA).

  • Flexxifinger - Model QD - Flexxifloat Lifter

    Design - the FlexxiFloat crop lifter is a series of lifters designed specifically for use where ground conditions are uneven. These lifters will follow the fluctuations of the ground. One base rail model of FlexxiFloat lifter fits all guards that have a guard finger in front of the knife, except JD stubby guard H213398. Guard H213398 can be ...

    By Flexxifinger QD Industries Inc. based in Assiniboia, SASKATCHEWAN (CANADA).

  • Weed Cutters

    For exceptional aquatic plant management challenges we offer specialized weed cutting machines. Often used in conjunction with conventional Harvesters, these heavy duty cutters are designed to remediate the most severe aquatic plant infestations.

    By Aquarius Systems based in North Prairie, WISCONSIN (USA).

  • Hydroponic - Model HS - Gutters System

    The new system from Hydroponic Systems is specially designed for crops in flowerpots or growbags, used for growing crops both large and small. The new HS SPACER 300×300 is very robust and allows for perfect drainage of the flowerpot substrate, thus maintaining the appropriate air-water balance in the root medium. This system adapts the ...

    By Hydroponic Systems International based in Edificio Tomás Guillén, SPAIN. from Gutters for Hydroponic Cultivation at Soil Level Product line

  • Special Double-Wheel Rotary Ditchers

    The double-wheel rotary ditchers offer the highest level of technology and performance for diggingand maintaining drainage and irrigation ditches.

    By US Ditcher, Inc. based in Spartanburg, SOUTH CAROLINA (USA). from Agriculture Machines - Rotary Ditchers Product line

  • BUCOtank - Basic Tanks

    BASIC tanks have already been successfully utilized by the horticulture sector for many years for the storage of rainwater, drainage water and irrigation water. The tanks are available with two different panel sizes. Panel length 2300 mm, for transport by container. Panel length 3050 mm, for transport by truck. Available in a tank diameter of 1.34 ...

    By Bucon industries B.V. based in Leeuwarden, NETHERLANDS. from Bucotank for Water Storage Product line

  • Mini Skid Loader Trencher Attachment

    Hydraulic drive unit cuts up to 36' deep in 4' or 6' widths. Optional 4' crumber to clean debris in trench is available. Ideal for irrigation, drainage, bed edges, utility line installation, planting trees, etc. It can work close to buildings, walls, fences and it other structures or tight, hard to reach areas.

    By Ramrod Equipment - LEON Mfg. Company Inc. based in Yorkton, SASKATCHEWAN (CANADA). from Attachment Product line

  • Hydroponic Growing Systems

    Hydroponic growing systems that allow the control and recirculation of drainage and irrigation. They help to prevent diseases, eliminate leachates and improve the quality and quantity of production. Perfect production system for all types of horticultural crops and fruit crops.

    By J.Huete based in ALCANTARILLA, SPAIN. from Production Systems Product line

  • OTL - Air & Vacuum Valves

    The Air & Vacuum Valve discharges air during the filling or charging of the system, and intakes air into the system during system drainage.

    By OTL Water & Irrigation Technologies based in Nan Li Ganluyuan Chaoyang, CHINA. from Air Valve Product line

  • Model V0 - Vertical Ditchers

    The different models of Cosmeco vertical ditchers doubtless represent one of the most interesting solutions to the water control and management, as for the drainage, the irrigation or the excavation of trenches where pipes are laid for any purpose. The vertical rotor makes a cut in the ground, the curved hoes enable the collection and removal of ...

    By Cosmeco s.r.l based in Ostiglia (MN), ITALY. from Vertical Ditchers Product line

  • Model EZ9000 - Groundsaw

    The Groundsaw will trench 100 feet in approximately 5 minutes. Replaceable heavy-duty carbide bits and all steel construction make it very durable and dependable. The on-the-go depth adjustment enables the operator to dig a trench 2.5? wide from 0 to 13? deep with ease. The Groundsaw EZ9000 is ideal for installing irrigation, propane gas lines, ...

    By EZ-Trench, LLC based in Loris, SOUTH CAROLINA (USA). from Trenchers Product line

  • Mithra - Model Pro 3k - Robust Fertigation Controller

    The Mithra Pro 3k is a robust fertirrigation controller to manage 3 water systems, it is able to control: 50 irrigation programs with 10 valve groups each program. 50 valve groups. 30 recipes. 10 drainage trays. 200 irrigation valves. 9 fertilizers and 1 acid. 9 irrigation pumps. 27 auxiliary pumps. 27 blowers/agitators. 20 filters. 6 mixing ...

    By Nutricontrol, S. L. based in Cartagena, SPAIN. from NTC Irrigation Product line

  • Model 800 and 1000 RS - Hydraulic Rear Steer

    The models 800RS and 1000RS have Hydraulic Rear Steer that allows the operator to move the blade approximately 3 feet more to the left or the right side of the tractor. All done hydraulically from the tractor seat. These Rear Steer models require a minimum of 2 hydraulic remotes. This rear steer feature allows the HyGrade Grader to clean among ...

    By Johnson Mfg., Inc. based in Kulm, NORTH DAKOTA (USA). from Graders Product line

  • INTA - Model CDN (EN) - Fertigation Equipment

    The fertigation equipment designed to meet the needs of the most complex and demanding operations, is professionally designed, which takes into account aesthetics, functionality and robustness. Accurate and reliable dosing. Equipment based on magnetic pumps with three-way valves and mixing tank, with the possibility of incorporating fertilizer ...

    By Innovaciones Técnicas Agrícolas S.L.(INTA) based in Murcia, SPAIN. from Fertigation Product line

  • INTA - Model Allimix - Fertigation System

    The ALLMIX fertigation equipment is professionally designed, aesthetic and functional with the simplicity of its dosing system. Simple dosing system with high accuracy. Equipment based on circular Venturi with a high level of accuracy in the dosage of fertilizers, by using flow meters and automatic fertilizer dosing adjustment. A hydraulic design ...

    By Innovaciones Técnicas Agrícolas S.L.(INTA) based in Murcia, SPAIN. from Fertigation Product line

  • Level Board

    Kennco’s level board will add the finishing touches to an un-level field for better irrigation and drainage.

    By Kennco Manufacturing, Inc. based in Ruskin, FLORIDA (USA). from Ground Preparation Product line

  • Water Silo`s and Polyester Storage/Tanks

    Water silo's are being used for the storage of irrigation and/or drainage water. We have many different sizes and shapes in our program. We are able to alter the material for use of clean or drainage water. Polyester tanks a commonly used for irrigation water incl. fertilizer solutions.

    By Benfried International b.v. based in Den Hoorn (ZH), NETHERLANDS. from Irrigation Product line

  • Aggregate - Model DPA, PP-DPA - Diesel Pumps

    Diesel pump aggregate DPA is new product on market regarding its simple construction, capability of reaching high pressures, small sizes minimum weight, easy for moving and also easy maintenance. Single stage centrifugal pump is coupled with diesel motor. Coupling is direct to the housing of flywheel or to the engine, and the shaft is coupled to ...

    By MZT Pumpi based in Skopje, MACEDONIA. from Diesel Pump Units Product line

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