Irrigation Filters

Equipment & Solutions

  • Adapter And Coupling
    Showcase Product

    Adapter And Coupling

    By Plastic Puglia

    Iron epoxy or zinc coated adapter and coupling, available

  • Hydrocyclone Filter
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    Hydrocyclone Filter

    By Plastic Puglia

    The hydrocyclone filter is suitable to irrigate water from wells, rivers and lakes, with a considerable amount of suspended sand. You must pair a screen filter after the separator to hold the sand particles that are not ...

  • Quartzite Sand
    Showcase Product

    Quartzite Sand

    By Plastic Puglia

    Quartzite is made up of dried framework of Si02 at 95% up 7th degree up Mosh scale. Melting temperature changes between 1500/1700°C.

Companies & Suppliers

  • ACAR MAK SAN Makina Sanayi

    ACAR MAK SAN Makina Sanayi

    Our company was established in 1994 in Mersin as Acarsan Machines. Since its establishment till date, it has been manufacturing machinery and machine ...