Irrigation Monitoring

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Late Spring Almond Irrigation

    Late Spring Almond Irrigation

    Late spring (late April to early June) is an important time in almond orchard development. During this time, the almond embryo is developing into a mature kernel. At this point in the season, proper irrigation management can be a major contributor to the difference between a marginal and major improvement in crop yield and quality.  Development is complete when the kernel fills the shell ...

  • Precision Irrigation - Case Study

    Precision Irrigation - Case Study

    The NIAB EMR WET (Water Efficient Technologies) Centre houses an integrated portfolio of cutting-edge growing techniques and trickle irrigation systems for the soft fruit sector. It provides ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Automatic Logging of Soil Moisture Meter

    Automatic Logging of Soil Moisture Meter

    Watermark monitor. Complete set for automatic logging of soil moisture data, consisting of datalogger, 7 Watermark sensor (5x with 6 m cable and 2x with 10 m cable), temperature sensor, software and RS232 communication cable. Inclusive quick connectors and pvc installation pipe.