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  • Cost Effective Irrigation with Centre Pivot Irrigation Systems

    Cost Effective Irrigation with Centre Pivot Irrigation Systems

    There are certain factors that should be taken into consideration when choosing the best irrigation system for your specific requirements.Some of these factors include the type of crop you are watering, the size of the land which requires irrigation, where your water is coming from and how much labour the system requires to operate.Dragline irrigation or movable pipe systems require far more labo


  • New Cepex irrigation range

    New Cepex irrigation range

    Cepex is launching a new RESCOM irrigation range of products with its own brand; this range offers complete solutions for all the needs in turf and garden irrigation. To achieve this, we have selected the most innovative products of the best ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Compact Trencher with Digging Chain

    Compact Trencher with Digging Chain

    Suitable for compact tractors of 20-45hp (15-34kW), the AFT45 was designed as a versatile trencher for golf courses and sports fields for the installation of drainage and irrigation systems. It is equally suited for laying pipes and cables on building sites, etc. The ideal tool to quickly install sophisticated drainage systems, as and when you need it and with minimal disruption to play.