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  • Irrigation Kit for Orchards
    Showcase Product

    Irrigation Kit for Orchards

    By Plastic Puglia

    HortoKIT is a system especially designed for irrigation of small orchards, even when there is lack of pressure water sources. Its main feature is the making installations based on drip irrigation technology totally ...

  • Mini-HAWC - Dust Destroyer
    Showcase Product

    Mini-HAWC - Dust Destroyer

    By Newport Environmental Technologies

    Enjoy the power of portability with the Mini-HAWC. Irrigate land, blast away troublesome particulates, clear away waste and control your work area by renting or buying your own Mini HAWC. This unit has a Cummings Tier 4 ...

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    Silting and Desilting of Reservoirs

    The creation of river dams and the storage of water have been a strategy for survival for many centuries. Reservoirs have diverse functions, ...

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    Lake Naivasha, Kenya

    This is the first comprehensive study of an east African lake for thirty years. It represents the culmination of research expeditions which stretch ...

Companies & Suppliers

  • Kemisan Klor-Alkali A.S.

    Kemisan Klor-Alkali A.S.

    Kemisan® has been developing and manufacturing electrolysis technology since 1976 in Izmir, Turkey. With the experience of 40 years in Chlor-Alkali ...

  • IRZ Consulting LLC

    IRZ Consulting LLC

    IRZ Consulting has been combining world-class water resource engineering with state-of-the-art technologically advanced irrigation, resource ...

  • Whites Inc.

    Whites Inc.

    White's Inc. is your best source for the highest quality Agricultural, Commercial and Light Industrial Equipment in the wholesale distribution ...

  • Ag Energy Solutions

    Ag Energy Solutions

    Ag Energy Solutions effectively solves the excess field residue biomass problems that plague farmers.  Our Integrated Biomass Platform innovatively ...

  • M-M Irrigation

    M-M Irrigation

    M-M Irrigation -- serving all Kentucky and West Tennessee irrigation needs with the industries most reliable and efficient irrigation systems on the ...