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  • Gravity Powered or Low Pressure Drip Irrigation System
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    Gravity Powered or Low Pressure Drip Irrigation System

    By Plastic Puglia

    HortoKIT is a specially designed system for small gardens irrigation, even without pressure water sources. Its main feature is the possibility to make installations based on the drip irrigation technology totally powred ...

  • 8 Inputs Soil Moisture Sensor Reader
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    8 Inputs Soil Moisture Sensor Reader

    By Vegetronix, Inc.

    This low-cost no-frills data logger is perfect for reading up to 8 Vegetronix soil moisture sensors.  It reports sensor data back to a host computer via RS232, or it can run stand alone and store data to ...

  • Feeder Injectors
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    Feeder Injectors

    By H.E. Anderson Company

    The DB & DD Series offer an inexpensive way inject almost any liquid into a water line at an adjustable ratio. Built with the same quality and pride as the J Plus, these pumps will inject one chemical up to a 1:100 ...

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    Silting and Desilting of Reservoirs

    The creation of river dams and the storage of water have been a strategy for survival for many centuries. Reservoirs have diverse functions, ...

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    Lake Naivasha, Kenya

    This is the first comprehensive study of an east African lake for thirty years. It represents the culmination of research expeditions which stretch ...

Companies & Suppliers

  • pH Technologies LLC

    pH Technologies LLC

    Monitor and control from one centralized location. pH Technologies automated systems integrate all of your control features in one easy-to-use ...

  • M-M Irrigation

    M-M Irrigation

    M-M Irrigation -- serving all Kentucky and West Tennessee irrigation needs with the industries most reliable and efficient irrigation systems on the ...

  • Advanced Power Distributors, Inc.

    Advanced Power Distributors, Inc.

    Advanced Power Distributors, Inc. has the exclusive distributorship for DAEWOO Irrigation engines, both diesel and natural gas for the following ...

  • Cunningham Equipment Co

    Cunningham Equipment Co

    We provide quality sales and service of the best tractors, farm and outdoor power equipment, and agricultural irrigation equipment available. Our ...

  • L.L. Johnson Distributing Company

    L.L. Johnson Distributing Company

    Leonard L. Johnson established the L.L. Johnson Distributing Company in Denver, Colorado in 1976, shortly after purchasing the Barteldes Seed Company ...