Irrigation Water Storage

Equipment & Solutions

  • Data Logger
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    Data Logger

    By UP Umweltanalytische Produkte GmbH

    The CLOG-data logger series developed by UP is a versatile logger for special applications. Features:

  • Granular Algaecide/Fungicide
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    Granular Algaecide/Fungicide

    By BioSafe Systems, LLC

    GreenCleanPRO is a professional strength granular algaecide that eliminates a broad spectrum of algae on contact. Through a powerful oxidation process, GreenCleanPRO breaks down the enzymes and proteins that make up ...

  • Irrigation Ponds
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    Irrigation Ponds

    By Phoenix Plastics, Inc.

    Water management has reached crisis levels in the agriculture industry. California is in its worst drought in 500 years. April 1, 2015 Governor Brown directs first ever statewide mandatory water reductions and $1 ...

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