Low Pressure Irrigation

Equipment & Solutions

  • Black Flexible Pipe
    Showcase Product

    Black Flexible Pipe

    By Plastic Puglia

    POLIFLAT is a black flexible pipe with blue stripe for waste water supply and low pressure irrigation systems. It represents an alternative to rigid and flexible PVC mains. This product allows compact roll winding and ...

  • Manual On/Off Control Valve
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    Manual On/Off Control Valve

    By BERMAD, Inc.

    The BERMAD Hydraulic Control Valve is a hydraulically operated, diaphragm actuated control valve that opens and shuts in response to a local or remote pressure command.

  • Hardhose irrigators (IRTEC)
    Showcase Product

    Hardhose irrigators (IRTEC)

    By Van Diemens Land Irrigation

    Irtec hard hose irrigators are a heavy duty and field proven quality hard hose irrigator. Irtec are one of Italy’s biggest manufactures of mechanised irrigation equipment. At the heart of the machine is a very efficient ...

Companies & Suppliers

  • PyR Continental

    Surge flow irrigation.Low pressure irrigation.Solar irrigation.Irrigation for all crops.Star Controller.Hydroscreen.