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  • In-line Cylindrical Emitter Drip Tube
    Showcase Product

    In-line Cylindrical Emitter Drip Tube

    By Irritory

    The production lines are European CE certified. They allow high and stable  productivity, and ensure excellent dimensional uniformity in wall thickness and  extremely  tight binding of emitter and tube ...

  • Minisprinklers Irrigator
    Showcase Product

    Minisprinklers Irrigator


    For watering gardens, lawns and flowerbeds, and controlling the microclimate in orchards and vineyards by cooling the air in hot weather.

  • Microirrigation Fittings
    Showcase Product

    Microirrigation Fittings

    By Sistema Azud, S.A.

    Wide range of microirrigation fittings. Easy and quick installation. Compatible with all the AZUD multiseasonal driplines.

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  • Andros Engineering Corp.

    Andros Engineering Corp.

    Since 1985, Andros has provided the agricultural industry with innovative products aimed at giving our clients choices and solutions to their ...

  • Newage Agritech Pvt

    Newage Agritech Pvt

    A product of vision and hard work, NewAge offers a collection of world class and cost effective Drip Irrigation components. The products are ...

  • Citigardens

    Citigardens promote Micro irrigation, protected agriculture and aquaculture in Sri Lanka by providing required supplies and knowledge to the industry ...

  • Metzerplas


    Metzerplas is a kibbutz-based industry of micro-irrigation products and various types of pipelines: SP pipe for cold and hot water plumbing, PE ...

  • MDC Industries Ltd.

    MDC Industries Ltd.

    MDC Industries Ltd. has specialized in the development, production and distribution of next generation, high quality, eco-friendly, PE and vinyl ...