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  • Irrigation Management Tool
    Showcase Product

    Irrigation Management Tool

    By Arable

    The Arable Mark is an all-in-one irrigation management tool, the first of its kind to synthesize both climate and plant data to produce actionable insights for your conditions. Save time, money, and preserve natural ...

  • Precision Mobile Drip Irrigation System (PMDI)
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    Precision Mobile Drip Irrigation System (PMDI)

    By T-L Irrigation Co.

    At T-L, our motto has always been “The Choice is Simple.” With the simplicity of hydraulics and the continuous movement of a T-L, we have the best water application you can get. T-L has gone ...

  • Irrigation Boom
    Showcase Product

    Irrigation Boom

    By Giampi S.R.L.

    Reticulated structure made in hot galvanised steel with electro-welded modular elements, which can be unhooked. The IRRIGATION BOOM MOD. 25/32 can be mobile or fixed and can be equipped, or not, with supporting ropes. A ...

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  • Hortiplan N.V.

    Hortiplan N.V.

    The horticultural industry has changed a lot throughout the years. Upscaling and technical innovation continue to have a big impact on how greenhouse ...

  • Bay Irrigation

    Bay Irrigation

    Bay Irrigation are experts in the irrigation field. We can care for all pasture, agricultural, municipal or contract irrigation needs. Please browse ...

  • Irtec WA

    Irtec is the market leader in mobile irrigation. Irtec have been manufacturing irrigation equipment for over 25 years with 80% of that product being ...

  • Irrifrance Groupe

    Irrifrance Groupe

    Irrifrance sprang up from the merger of several companies such as SEPPIC (manufacturer of mobile irrigation equipment based on aluminium pipes, ...

  • RST Irrigation Ltd

    RST Irrigation Ltd

    RST Irrigation Ltd are a family run company, incorporated in 1980, specialising in agricultural irrigation. The company was started by William Smith ...