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Articles & Whitepapers

  • Real Savings on Center-Pivot Farms: A Case Study

    Real Savings on Center-Pivot Farms: A Case Study

    UNL and Nature Conservancy partner with Arable to establish a network of sensors for better access to local weather data. Fifty miles is a long way to drive to check a rain bucket on a center pivot. That`s the challenge Chase Johnson dealt with whenever he wanted to know exactly how much rain fell on one of his pivots.

  • Irrigation Application Management

    The Irrigation Applications management takes all measurements of the inlet discharge and pressure at the pivot point and pivot end.Especially when the ground is uneven, where we take readings at the ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • GPS Driven Pivot Monitor/Control System

    GPS Driven Pivot Monitor/Control System

    The Field Commander is the next generation in Remote Field Management from AgSense. It is an advanced GPS driven pivot monitor/control system that communicates via the digital cell network.  The Field Commander provides near real-time information and up to the minute alarms to your cell phone, smart phone, or computer. The Field Commander works with any brand of pivot irrigation system and ...