Propelled Irrigation

Equipment & Solutions

  • Self-Propelled Irrigation Machine
    Showcase Product

    Self-Propelled Irrigation Machine

    By Agrometer a/s

    The Agrometer self-propelled irrigation machine has been marketed for almost 40 years, and is available in three main versions.All models are characterized by a sturdy construction with focus on reliability and user ...

  • Tractor Pumps
    Showcase Product

    Tractor Pumps

    By Vincenzi & Gibertini S.r.l

    The semplicity, the ease of moving and the relatively small size are elements which make these pumps ideal for portable irrigation systems, for operating self-propelled irrigators and for all cases of water pumping when ...

Companies & Suppliers

  • Nettuno s.r.l.

    Nettuno s.r.l.

    We produce self-propelled irrigation systems and high quality motor pumps for more than 40 years. The reliability and versatility of Visa’s products ...