Propelled Irrigation

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  • Medium-long Radius Sprinklers
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    Medium-long Radius Sprinklers


    In every situation – open field, orchard, vineyard or greenhouse – Irritec has designed the best irrigation system to meet your needs. To find out more, our sales team is happy to respond to your individual ...

  • Minisprinklers Irrigator
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    Minisprinklers Irrigator


    The next phase in the evolution of traditional irrigation away from high-capacity, high-pressure large jet sprayers, increasingly impractical today due to their damaging effects on crops and the environment.

  • Tractor Pumps
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    Tractor Pumps

    By Vincenzi & Gibertini S.r.l

    The semplicity, the ease of moving and the relatively small size are elements which make these pumps ideal for portable irrigation systems, for operating self-propelled irrigators and for all cases of water pumping when ...

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  • De Cloet srl

    De Cloet srl

    Our company was born in Città di Castello, Umbria, as a workshop for metalworking and creation of a wide range of products for agriculture and ...

  • Goldman Equipment LLC

    Goldman Equipment LLC

    The story of Goldman Equipment, LLC begins in 1946 when, after leaving military service, Harry Goldman, Jr. recognized the local farmers in the ...

  • Amadas Industries

    Amadas Industries

    Amadas Industries is the world`s leading manufacturer of advanced harvest systems for peanuts. For over 50 years, Amadas has worked diligently to ...

  • Nettuno s.r.l.

    Nettuno s.r.l.

    We produce self-propelled irrigation systems and high quality motor pumps for more than 40 years. The reliability and versatility of Visa’s products ...

  • Sparling Instruments, LLC

    Sparling Instruments, LLC

    Sparling Instruments was founded in 1919 by Ray W. Sparling and began manufacturing propeller meters to measure water for irrigation, water ...