Root Irrigation

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Root Analysis in the Field: Industries & Uses

    Crops, Nutrients, Irrigation & Root Analysis Analysis of the root system is important in ensuring sustainable crop production, reducing nutrient input and irrigation, and protecting soil carbon pools. Getting rapid and frequent images of what is happening underground can help people make timely decisions about agricultural practices to maintain plant health and ensure the judicious

  • Features of impulse sprinkling technology

    The principle of non-stop water supply to plants and soil in accordance with their water intake is progressive. Drip irrigation and impulse sprinkling correspond to this principle. Drip irrigation ...


  • G8 hunger aid insufficient, report warns

    The package of aid interventions that the world"s eight wealthiest nations put in place last year to respond to the food-price crisis of 2007-08 was insufficient, according to a new report  from the U.K. Hunger Alliance and the Oakland ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Tension Infiltrometer Set

    Tension Infiltrometer Set

    Tension infiltrometer for measuring hydraulic properties of unsaturated soil, complete standard set.