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Calf Housing equipment for Livestock

  • Calving Trimming Chute

    The versatile calving chute / trimming Chute is very popular with vet clinics, 4-H’ers, and ranchers.

    By Hi-Hog Farm & Ranch Equipment LTD based in Calgary, ALBERTA (CANADA). from Calving Equipment Product line

  • E-Z - Boot Disinfector

    Provided with jets on sides and bottom, so that the soles are also cleaned and disinfected. After having cleaned the boot with water, you can put your thumb on the hole under the upper part of the frametube so that disinfectant is added to the water. 3 Brush-height sizes, to suit ankle, calf or kneeboots. Provided with a scraper to remove heavy ...

    By A&A E-Z Brush & Oiler Inc. based in Strathroy, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Strohfelder Platinum Extra Fein - Straw-Based Bedding Product for Cow

    Strohfelder® Platinum Extra Fein is a totally new bedding solution which comes as a result of years of product development and innovation. Platinum Extra Fein bedding is made from 100% pure wheat straw. Platinum Extra Fein doesn’t contain any chemical additives, such as fragrances, extracts, binders or alike. Attention! ...

    By Strohfelder based in Vienna, AUSTRIA. from Cow Products Product line

  • Farmtec - Free Stalls

    We offer a wide range of free stalls for dairy cows, heifers and calves which can be used with any type of bedding material. All types of free stalls meet the different needs and situations of dairy farmers.

    By Farmtec a.s. based in Jistebnice, CZECH REPUBLIC. from Farm Technology - Housing of Cattle Product line

  • West-Coast - Comfy Calf Suites

    No more feeding calves outside. Comfy Calf Suites makes feeding easier for you. Calves are easier to see in the Comfy Calf Suites compared to enclosed shelters. Better air quality improves the health of your calves. Plastic dividers isolate each calf, keeping your calves healthy. Dividers remove quickly and easily when required. Cleaning is ...

    By West Coast Robotics Ltd. based in Harrison Mills, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA). from Other Products Product line

  • Altra-Seal - Insulated Sliding Panel

    Altra-Seal is a lightweight continuous rigid panel which slides over sidewall openings on livestock housing. The outer sleeve is a polyethylene weave and the core is 2 ½” (6.35cm) high density styrofoam. The Altra-Seal system can be operated by electronic thermostats, actuators or manually by a hand winch. Altra-Seal is suitable for ...

    By Sun-North Systems Ltd. based in Seaforth, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Panel Systems Product line

  • Copper Guard

    COPPER GUARD is a slow release Copper Intra-ruminal bolus with added Selenium.

    By Mayo Healthcare based in Westport, IRELAND. from Cattle and Calf Boluses Product line

  • Calf-Tel - Model XXL - Largest Calf Hutch

    The Calf-Tel XXL provides the most interior usable space for your calves. The XXL is 42% larger than our existing Pro & Deluxe II hutches and 29% larger than other XL hutches on the market. When a larger size hutch is preferred due to climate or management practice, the XXL is the right choice.

    By Hampel Corporation based in Germantown, WISCONSIN (USA). from Calf Hutch Product line

  • Model Junior Cubicles - Purpose-Built Calf Stall

    Training junior livestock on a dairy farm is critical to their health and integration into the main herd. A junior cubicle which is too small for the stock will give them a negative experience of cubicles, impeding their growth, health and welfare in the short term as well as creating a fear of cubicles in the long term.

    By Wilson Agri based in Coleraine, UNITED KINGDOM. from Agri Comfort Product line

  • Dura Trac - Calf Flooring

    Dura Trac Calf Flooring is designed with attention to newly weaned calves, replacement heifers, and veal calves. Additionally, the floors can be built to fit any pen or stall.  A thick layer of poly-vinyl coats the entire floor. This results in not only a long lasting floor, but also a floor that won’t rust. There is no ...

    By ADA Enterprises, Inc based in Northwood, IOWA (USA). from Other Products Product line

  • Senior Primary - Red Arm Full Length Shoulder Gloves

    Full length shoulder gloves used by leading A.I companies worldwide. Silkies are renowned for combining strength with incredible sensitivity. Ideal for A.I. vet inspections or calving. One size fits all and are supplied in a dispenser box of 100 gloves.

    By Allflex UK Group Ltd based in Stanley, UNITED KINGDOM. from Sheep Healthcare Product line

  • VH MFG - Model TK-1 - Calf Catcher Transport Kit

    Conveniently transport calf, in a safe enclosed pen while momma cow trails along behind. Flip down floor and pinch gate can be used to enclose the calf during the tagging and medication processes.

    By VH MFG., Inc. based in Rock Valley, IOWA (USA). from Livestock Product line

  • Agriprom - Model 10/10 - Solid Comfortable Rubbermat with Elastic Studs

    Solid comfortable rubbermat with elastic studs. The solid rubbermat is durable and consist of 100% rubber with inlay. The rub-bermats has proven themselves in the agri-culture. The mats on a roll can be easily in-stalled.

    By Agriprom BV based in Nieuwleusen, NETHERLANDS. from Barn Equipment - Rubber Mats Product line

  • Calving Barn

    11’6” x 40’ building. 3 Pens – 2 pens 13’2” x 11’6” on each end with a 11’6”x14’ pen in the middle (pulling and nursing pen.). Middle pen has a 9’6” gate to force cow into head gate, with a door in this gate to let a calf nurse. There is one gate into each pen and a gate ...

    By Cliffs Welding Service, Inc. based in Phillipsburg, KANSAS (USA).

  • Carcass Cover Large

    Cover cast in high density polyethylene for covering: pigs, calves, horses, ...Interior dimensions :  280 cm x 180 cm x 90 cm, Weight: 50 kg.

    By Vigorena CVBA based in Herne, GERMANY. from Calf Boxes Product line

  • Maternity/Calving Pen Mattresses

    Promat also offers a mattress solution to ensure ultimate comfort for your maternity/hospital/calving cows. Requires minimal bedding. Provides stable footing. Durable and shock absorbent. Perfect for your special treatment cows.

    By Promat Inc. based in Woodstock, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Fesma - Model FK2 - Squeeze Crush

    FK2 – automatically fixing front, low sheet metal sides and sliding doors in the back. Can be (or is) equipped with an anti-reverse movement system.

    By Fesma Alu OÜ based in Alu alevik, ESTONIA. from Beef Cattle Squeeze Crushes Product line

  • Fesma - Model FK3 - Squeeze Crush

    FK3-automatically fixing front, higher sheet metal sides, 4 openable hatches on the sides, anti-reverse movement system, and sliding doors in the back.

    By Fesma Alu OÜ based in Alu alevik, ESTONIA. from Beef Cattle Squeeze Crushes Product line

  • MIK - Calf Box

    The MIK calf box convinces by the easy handling and the stable construction. The use of MIK calf panels and dividing boards is basis for a hygienic and healthy calf housing.

    By MIK International GmbH & Co. KG based in Ransbach-Baumbach, GERMANY. from Calves & Milking Parlours - Calf Box Product line

  • C.T.S. - Model CL - Shelter for 1 Calf

    To meet the demands of advanced breeding techniques, CTS Calvinsilos offers a fiberglass Shelter for one calf. The high quality fiberglass we use in CTS allows the shelter to remain cool in the summer and warm during winter. For more detailed information, measures and accessories, please download the PDF brochure or contact us directly.

    By C.T.S. Calvinsilos srl based in Isorella, ITALY. from Shelter Product line

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