Calf Housing

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  • Group Calf Hutch
    Showcase Product

    Group Calf Hutch

    By Albers Dairy Equipment

    With 12’ x 16’ yard area, 8 headlock spaces with manger. Easy assembly.

  • Basic Calf Hutches
    Showcase Product

    Basic Calf Hutches

    By Vigorena CVBA

    Vig-O-Comfort hutch for one calf. The ideal space for breading a calf up to the age of  6 weeks. Material:  Cast in high density polyethylene in one piece. Dimensions: 118 cm x 160 cm x 132 cm.

  • Standard Comfort
    Showcase Product

    Standard Comfort

    By Vigorena CVBA

     Vig-O-Comfort hutch for one calf, Material:  Cast in high density polyethylene in one piece, Dimensions:  195 cm x 120 cm x 140 cm, Effective leg space : 2 m².

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Companies & Suppliers

  • Hampel Corporation

    Hampel Corporation

    Calf-Tel manufactured its first calf hutch in 1981. Since then, more dairy producers and calf raisers have chosen Calf-Tel calf hutches over any ...

  • Albert Kerbl GmbH

    Albert Kerbl GmbH

    We are producer and wholesale dealer with a very wide range of products for livestock, horses and pets. Animal care agents. Animal care equipment. ...

  • MIK International GmbH & Co. KG

    MIK International GmbH & Co. KG

    MIK INTERNATIONAL is Europe`s leading specialist for high value plastic flooring in pig, calf, sheep and goat husbandry. As the pioneers of plastic ...

  • Calf-Star, LLC

    Calf-Star, LLC

    Calf-Star manufactures custom calf milk pasteurizers, automatic calf feeders, calf housing / crowd gates. Calf-Star is your North American calf ...



    ELLIS EQUIPMENT is a full-service wholesale distributor to ag and construction equipment dealers in the Western USA, with warehouses in Clackamas OR ...