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Cattle Handling equipment for Livestock

  • Unistock - Model MK2 - Cattle Crate

    The Unistock Cattle Crate MK2 is a cattle crush specifically designed to give even greater access than the Unistock Cattle Crate MK1 whilst maintaining maximum safety when belly clipping beef cattle for finishing in accordance with current legislation. Fitted with either the standard Unistock Cattle Headgate or the new Unistock Forward Catch ...

    By Premier Livestock Handling based in Dalbeattie, UNITED KINGDOM. from Cattle Crate Product line

  • Cattle Care Chute

    Designed with safety of animal & operator in mind. Gently holds the head still while you work. 1/4'' Rumber© footdoors reduce noise & last longer. Easy-open side panels configurable to your needs. Neck extender has own pressure controls. Ball bearing pivot points at bottom of gates. Rubber inserts at pivot & slam points at side ...

    By Titan West Inc based in Linn, KANSAS (USA). from Cattle Care Chute Product line

  • Palco - Crowding Tub

    PALCO Crowding Tubs offer you a top quality, safe and portable means of handling your livestock. Two people can be ready to work cattle in 10 minutes or less!. Dimensions and construction suitable for any crowding or sorting conditions: Height 6', Length 16' or 20', Radius 8' or 10', Construction 1 1/2' square tubing. Pull 12 drop pins and your ...

    By Bison Industries Inc based in Norfolk, NEBRASKA (USA). from Crowding Tub Product line

  • Mobile Cattle Handling Systems

    Designed at the request of our customers!! These systems are all built to order ~ bespoke for each customer. We have really taken time over the design of our Mobile Cattle Handling System. While the systems are, of course, extremely well built and robust, it is the thoughtful little details that set us apart from others.

    By Morris Livestock Handling Equipment based in Shropshire, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Cattle Handling Equipment

    Our expert team will assist in the design and build of complete cattle handling systems which meet the challenges of your environment. Made using British Steel all Rancher livestock equipment is made in Scotland for clients throughout the UK. At Rancher, we put a lot of thought into providing a safe environment for handlers and animals.

    By Rancher based in Castle Douglas, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Pasdelou - 4 Side Gate Cattle Handling Crush

    This crush has a road transport width of 2.55 m: this is achieved by removing of the nose clip attachment arm of yoke PCCM and foldingof the baulk gates for the PCCM model. The panel holder must also be attached on the opposite side to the yoke neck width adjustment handle. Failing this, it will be necessary to order the optional cattle crush or ...

    By Pasdelou Galva based in COULANS-SUR-GEE, FRANCE. from 4 Side Gate Cattle Handling Crush Product line

  • Wrangler - Bulldog Portable Corral

    Linn Post & Pipe, Inc. is pleased to introduce the Bulldog Wrangler Portable Corral. TheBulldog size Wrangler Corral is capable of holding up to 60 head of cattle. This corral offers asmaller, more affordable portable corral that can be used on its own or in tandem with anyother portable corral to add more capacity and pen options.

    By Linn Post & Pipe Supply Inc. based in Linn, KANSAS (USA).

  • Q-Catch - Model 86 Series - Cattle Crush

    The Q-Catch 86 Series gives every farmer the opportunity to purchase the world-renowned silent cattle crush. With the most innovative design on the market, the 86 Series is designed to give you more access and to increase your productivity. Featuring poly bushings on all pivot and latch points and the first true rubber floor ever seen in a cattle ...

    By Arrow Farmquip based in Tamworth, AUSTRALIA. from Cattle Crush Product line

  • Model A-25 & A-25T - Automatic Self Catching Headgate

    The A-25 and A-25T are excellent headgates for one-man cattle handling, allowing the operator to be behind the animal while it catches itself.

    By For-Most Livestock Equipment based in Hawarden, IOWA (USA). from Automatic Self Catching Headgate Product line

  • Super Comfort Cubicle System

    The Super comfort cubicle system is the most flexible cubicle system available.. Adjustable in height and in width. Ideal for sand beds or where the lying surface could vary up or down. Available in standard or high neck rail versions. Easily adjustable for brisket pipes or boards.

    By De Boer Housing Systems Ltd based in Gonvena Hill, UNITED KINGDOM. from Super Comfort Cubicle System Product line

  • John Thorburn - Cattle Handling Systems

    With out extensive knowledge and understand of Stock Handling Systems this allow us to help create a bespoke system that will be manufactured by us to suit each client. All our systems are designed, manufactured and installed to be safe, efficient and welfare friendly always with the end user in mind and because they are made in-house they can be ...

    By John Thorburn & Sons based in Duns, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Bowman - Load-out Chute

    Incoming and outgoing, the Bowman Load-Out Chute and Facility makes the whole operation move smoother. Chute is available alone or with a half-circle, solid panel pen with full solid panel gate that swings around the pen behind animals to push them into the chute.

    By Bowman Livestock Equipment Company based in Herington, KANSAS (USA).

  • Full Access Crush

    Unobstructed access to both sides of the animal.  Shown with Centurion type yoke but also available with Saracen or Chieftain yokes.

    By Penderfeed Livestock Equipment based in Duns, UNITED KINGDOM. from Full Access Crush Product line

  • Belly Clipping Crush

    Revolving rump bar and anti-kick bar have multiple settings for all sizes of animal.  Shown with Saracen yoke but Centurion or Chieftain yokes are also available.

    By Penderfeed Livestock Equipment based in Duns, UNITED KINGDOM. from Belly Clipping Crush Product line

  • Model 2×2 - Galvanized Manger Feeder

    We also have: corral panels,ride through gates,ranch gates,feeders, galvanized corral panels,stalls,dog kennels,security fencing,wire, hog panels,cattle panels,deer fence.

    By Pleasant Valley Trailers based in Vernon, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA). from Galvanized Manger Feeder Product line

  • Fixed Cattle Handling Systems

    Well thought out cattle handling facilities cut stress, time and injury; you dont need to invest massive sums to get a very efficient and “friendly” system on your farm, we can provide made to measure designs that fit a “space” or off the shelf standard designs – but dont think that one design fits all cattle systems. ...

    By GSF Livestock Equipment based in Eglinton, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Stroberg - Feeder Panels

    Feed costs are reduced when you use Stroberg Slant Bar Feeder Panels—they reduce time and labor as well. Stroberg Panels are strong enough to withstand the punishment of the heaviest animal. In addition to being used as feeder pens, these strong, sturdy panels can be used as fence line feeders, portable corral, catch pen or gate. Feeder ...

    By Stroberg Equipment Company based in Hutchinson, KANSAS (USA).

  • 20` Continuous Fence

    Heavy gauge 1' square. Bracing every four feet. Animal friendly design. Easy to hook together. Low price per foot.

    By C & S Iron based in Ashland, NEBRASKA (USA). from 20` Continuous Fence Product line

  • 4` Walk-Thru Gate - 7` H Overhead Frame

    1 1/2' round x 14 ga. rails, 1 1/2' square 11 ga. end posts and frame. Chain and snap latch is standard. Cowboy slide latch is optional.

    By C & S Iron based in Ashland, NEBRASKA (USA). from 4` Walk-Thru Gate - 7` H Overhead Frame Product line

  • 10` Walk-Thru Gate 7` H overhead frame

    1 7/8' round x 14 ga. rails, 2' square 11 ga. end posts and frame. Chain and snap latch is standard. Cowboy slam latch is optional.

    By C & S Iron based in Ashland, NEBRASKA (USA). from 10` Walk-Thru Gate 7` H overhead frame Product line

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