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  • Bacteria-free surroundings breeds healthier and more productive cattle Case Study

    Danish Clean Water A/S is a manufacturer of ECA generators and has successfully marketed and deployed its generator for more than 5 years, sold to more than 20 countries through local partnerships and has thereby gained significant market power. The ECA generator can be used in various industries and production  sites, but especially within animal husbandry in agriculture the results have ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Cattle Squeeze Chute (SC1)

    Cattle Squeeze Chute (SC1)

    Cattle squeeze chute with parallel axis sides squeeze evenly so cattle is not pushed over. Tuff Self-Catch head gate (spring-cushioned) with neck extender. Chute has built in Tuff Bi-Fold gate and Tuff palpation cage which lock behind the animal to keep it in the squeeze. Palpation cage has floor for comfortable working. Adjust from 32″ to 16″ with one crank to accommodate virtually ...