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Cattle Health equipment for Livestock

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    Inciner8 - Cattle Incinerators

    Bio security is of utmost importance in the cattle industry. A number of high profile outbreaks in recent years has started to shift opinions on managing your own fallen livestock. With landfill and rendering costs still growing now is the time to consider self-owning an incinerator for your own use – especially now with our competitive ...

    By Inciner8 Limited based in Southport, UNITED KINGDOM. from Animal Incinerator Product line

  • Penzyme - Milk Test Kit

    Penzyme is an enzymatic test that permits fast detection in milk of beta lactam antibiotics used in the prevention and treatment of cattle diseases, in particular mastitis.

    By Neogen Corporation based in Lansing, MICHIGAN (USA). from Antibiotic Residue Diagnostics Product line

  • Bovikalc - Oral Calcium Supplement

    BOVIKALC oral calcium supplement is a unique bolus formulation that provides fast and extended support of blood calcium levels in freshening dairy cows.

    By Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc. based in Duluth, GEORGIA (US) (USA). from Cattle Product line

  • DTTO - Effusive Drinker

    Moving bowl make drinker cleaning easier. Galvanized frame provides adequate strength, stability and durability of the product.

    By JFC Polska Sp. z o.o. based in DĄBRÓWKA, POLAND. from Cattle Watering Product line

  • Botudoll - Livestock Vaccine - Botulism Vaccine

    BOTUDOLL is a concentrated bivalent vaccine containing Cl.botulinum type C and Cl. botulinum type D which are inactivated by formaline and adsorbed onto aluminium hydroxide. Indications: Botulism is a severe and fatal disease of cattle. The mortality rate might reach to 90-95% in uncontrolled conditions. The treatment is unsucccesfull and the ...

    By Dollvet based in Eyyübiye, TURKEY. from Livestock Vaccine / Medicine Product line

  • EVO - Model JT200 - Slurry Robots

    The animal-friendly, noiseless JOZ-Tech system scrapes the manure alleys spotlessly clean, even into the smallest of corners, at a controlled speed. The robot uses patented sensor technology. As a result, even between the cows and in extreme conditions, the JOZ-Tech is very reliable. The system can handle large areas, without a problem. The ...

    By JOZ BV based in Westwoud, NETHERLANDS.

  • E-Z - Cattle Brush

    Makes cattle content. Saves wear and tear on doorways, gates, posts etc.. Special nylon brushes provide long use - the quality of the bristles on our brushes is Outstanding. Completely galvanized. 2 Year Guarantee

    By A&A E-Z Brush & Oiler Inc. based in Strathroy, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • RDL - Model Diaziprim - For Anti Biotics

    Composition: Sulphadiazine IP 10% w/w.Trimethoprim IP 2% w/w.

    By Reddy Drugs Laboratories based in Ravulapalem, INDIA. from Poultry Drug Formulations Product line

  • Model 3010 - Heavy Duty Three Piece Tombstone

    For elk and horned cattle. 8' 6' outside diameter, 50' high. Solid bottom. 16 gauge HR sheet metal.

    By Stampede Steel based in Linden, ALBERTA (CANADA). from Feeders - Bale Feeders Product line

  • Poxdoll - Livestock Vaccine - Lyophilized Sheep and Goat Pox and Lumpy Skin Disease Vaccine

    POXDOLL is a live, attenuated and freze-dried vaccine prepared in lamb kidney cell culture against sheep and goat pox and also Lumpy Skin Disease. Indications: Active immunization against sheep and goat pox and Lumpy Skin Disease.

    By Dollvet based in Eyyübiye, TURKEY. from Livestock Vaccine / Medicine Product line

  • No-Tear - Model Z2 - 2-Piece Tag

    The new Z2 No-Tear-Tagger features a revolutionary dual-action kick-back jaw that automatically retracts once the tag is inserted. Together with a handy flip-out pin, the Z2 No-Tear-Tagger™ virtually eliminates ripped and torn ears.

    By Z Tags based in Temple, TEXAS (USA). from 2-Piece Tag Product line

  • H&S - Slant Bar Wagon

    Far Superior To Any Similar Feeder Wagon. Slant Bar Feeder Efficiently Feeds - Chopped Green Feed - Large Round And Square Bales - Small Round And Square Bales - Silage And Haylage - Chopped Hay And Ground Feed - 16' Unit Has 30 Feed Openings - 20' Unit Has 36 Feed Openings - 24' Unit Has 42 Feed Openings - 30' Unit Has 50 Feed Openings. (Caution! ...

    By H&S Manufacturing Company, Inc. based in Marshfield, WISCONSIN (USA). from Feeder Wagons Product line

  • CardinalScale - Harvester Livestock Scales

    Ideal for stockyards, feed lots, and private farms, Cardinal’s USA-made fully-electronic Harvester livestock scales feature patent-pending solid concrete decks and include livestock pens and two-end swing gates with easy-close latches (arrives factory assembled). The ridged concrete deck provides sure footing for livestock. The ...

    By Cardinal Scale Manufacturing Company based in Webb City, MISSOURI (USA). from Livestock Scales Product line

  • Staphylococcus Aureus Bacterin-Toxoid Vaccines

    Staphylococcus Aureus Bacterin is intended for use in dairy cows and heifers as an aid in reducing mastitis due to Staphylococcus aureus bacteria. Staphylococcus Aureus Bacterin has been shown in field trials to reduce the presence of Staphylococcus aureus in infected udders by converting culture positive animals to culture negative status and ...

    By Hygieia Biological Laboratories based in Woodland, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Dairy Vaccines Product line

  • Patura - Professional Rectangular Feeder with Tombstone Feed Front

    Type: Professional Rectangular Feeder with, Tombstone Feed Front, Specifications: 12 feed spaces. For all breeds of horses and cattle, particularly suitable for horned cattle. 3-point linkage. Double support tubes. Internal dimensions 2.00 x 2.05 m. Feeding height 76 cm. Feet and roof are height adjustable. Delivered in kit form with full ...

    By Patura KG. based in Laudenbach, GERMANY. from Rectangular Feeders Product line

  • Allflex - Gas Buddex Dehorner

    A professional tool for dehorning calves. 3 minute heating time and maximum temperature of 650°C. 2-3 hours work duration. Pain-free to the highest possible extent for the calf during dehorning. Practical design through non-slip handle. Total length 31cm. 2 years warranty.

    By Allflex UK Group Ltd based in Stanley, UNITED KINGDOM. from Cattle Healthcare - Cattle Dehorning Product line

  • Unistock - Forward Catch Cattle Headgate

    The new Unistock Forward Catch Cattle Headgate, winner of the Dr Alban Davies Trophy 2011, is robustly built and can be fitted to the Unistock Cattle Crate MK1, Unistock Cattle Crate MK2 and the Unistock Mobile Cattle Crate or supplied on its own for use in a race system. It has been designed to meet the need of farmers who still require the ease ...

    By Premier Livestock Handling based in Dalbeattie, UNITED KINGDOM. from Cattle Crates and Head Gates Product line

  • Serpens Species Bacterin

    Serpens Species Bacterin is intended for vaccination of otherwise healthy cattle against Papillomatous digital dermatitis (PDD, hairy footwart, strawberry heel wart). Serpens Species Bacterin prevents PDD in lesion-free animals, and aids in the treatment of lesions due to PDD in currently affected animals. Serpens Species Bacterin contains killed ...

    By Hygieia Biological Laboratories based in Woodland, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Dairy Vaccines Product line

  • E-Z - Cattle Brush & Oiler

    Control lice, flies, etc.. One apparatus can be used for approx. 50 to 75 cows. Oil flows by gravity from the reservoir into 3 oil stems. Completely galvanized. Low maintenance. Uses any liquid insecticide. Special nylon brushes provide long use - the quality of the bristles on our brushes is Outstanding. When installed in the right place and when ...

    By A&A E-Z Brush & Oiler Inc. based in Strathroy, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Bale King - Model BR800 - Bale Processors

    Bridgeview has over 15 years of experience in bale processing technology and offers a full line of heavy duty, feature rich bale processors that make feeding and bedding livestock and reclamation projects effortless. Bale Kings will process all bales including rounds and squares, straw and silage, soft core and hard core, and twine and net-wrap ...

    By Flannery Hay Equipment based in Atkinson, NEBRASKA (USA).

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